Leo Misbehaves

Today’s excerpt from Streamline is a flashback for our hero Leo Scott. Nobody’s going to get away with talking trash about his girlfriend Audrey.


Leo had felt on top of the world that first week of school. He was finally a senior and had less than one year left under his father’s control. His father had insisted he apply to the Academy, but Leo had fought for permission to apply to other universities as well. His relationship with Audrey was going swimmingly, and he brimmed with excitement over the opportunity to win state in both the 50 and 100 free.
One small drawback was the year’s locker assignments. Leo pulled books out and tried to ignore Billy Ryan, who had the locker next to his. A defensive back on the football team, Billy’s sole communication with Leo up to that point had been grunts and menacing stares, but today he was suddenly chatty. 
“So, Scott, what are you? Mulatto or something?”
Leo’s face had burned but he remained silent, stuffing books in his backpack.  
“What’s a sweet thing like Audrey Rose see in you?”
Leo fought for control. “Don’t talk about her.”
“I hear you two have an open relationship. Might have to hit that sometime.”
Leo had tackled Billy with Muhammad Ali speed and unleashed furious punches. Blood streamed out of Billy’s nose by the time Assistant Principal Morrison had grabbed Leo and hauled him to his feet.


Uh oh. Papa Scott isn’t going to be happy about his son getting in trouble for fighting in school.

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