Leo’s in Trouble

Happy Monday! I had the pleasure of reading Madison’s lovely review for With Good Behavior on the Guilty Pleasures blog, which made Sunday great. The weekends still fly by far too quickly, though.

Today’s Streamline excerpt features Leo’s mother and brother. Jason, Leo’s absent older brother, had been living in Seattle but recently returned home to Florida. 

Jason was silent for a few moments. “How’s Leo doing?”
“Fine,” Mary responded immediately. Then she frowned and shook her head. “No, he’s not fine. Something’s wrong, Jase. His swimming times are horrible, he’s not doing well in school, and I feel like he’s a stranger to me.” 
Jason nodded grimly, not looking the least bit surprised.
“But enough about us. What’ve you been doing the past four years?”
Jason hesitated. 
With an uncomfortable silence between them, Mary sighed. Why did the Scott men refuse to let her in? She hated chasing them.
 “Mom, I want to tell you all about me. I do,” Jason finally said. “But first we need to talk about Leo. He’s in trouble.”

Uh-oh! Jason’s onto his little bro like chlorine on skin.

See you tomorrow for another excerpt, when we flash back to how Leo and Audrey met.

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