Carbo Loading

Today’s Streamline excerpt explores swimmers’ copious carbohydrates consumption the night before a competition. One of the sport’s many strange traditions that I explore in this novel!
Five days after Audrey’s return from Chicago, it was carbo-loading time: the night before the North Florida Invitational. 
Leo, Audrey, Elaine, and Alex munched salad while awaiting their pasta, the main event, at The Olive Garden. The ravenous swimmers ignored their waitress’ disapproving looks each time she brought a new basket of breadsticks. They were currently on their fourth.
Leo watched Alex brush breadcrumbs off his chest and laughed at his T-shirt: I wish my lawn was emo so it could cut itself.
“So Mr. Cranky…” Elaine fixed a stare on Leo. “What puts you in such a good mood tonight?”
Leo grinned. “Cold-hearted Sadist left town for a week, and life is good.”
Audrey tilted her head. “I thought you called your dad Cruel SOB?”
“Those terms are interchangeable.” Leo winked. “It’s all CS.”
 “When you said CS I always thought you meant Commander Scott,” said Alex, suddenly piecing it together. “But I like these much better.” He grinned. “I’ll personally really miss Cocky Sucker’s menacing stares at tomorrow’s meet. Who can I thank for making him leave?”
“His CO ordered him to go to California or something. Who really cares?” Leo raised his ice water. “I’d like to propose a toast to the seniors.” 
They giggled and raised their glasses. When Leo noticed Audrey’s stare, and he tried to stop the trembling in his hand. Time for another pill.
“Here’s to our wives and girlfriends,” Leo said with a laugh. “May they never meet!”
Snickers enveloped the table. 
“Seriously, though, going into our last invite, I want to thank you guys for always being there. Four long years—I couldn’t have made it without you. Friendship is the best kind of ship.”
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