With Good Behavior Summary

In a world gripped by organized crime, family dysfunction, and little chance of redemption, is it possible for true love to persevere? For Sophie Taylor, a beautiful psychologist who lost everything when she violated an ethical boundary, and Grant Madsen, a handsome naval officer who sacrificed everything to protect a family member, searching for that love carries a heavy price. When their paths cross outside their parole officer’s door, the attraction is instantaneous. Beneath the surface, though, is a hidden connection that may not only shatter their fledgling love, but also prove deadly to them both.

13 thoughts on “With Good Behavior Summary”

  1. I cant wait for this book to come out!! I am a big fan of all your stories that you have done over at Prison Break Fiction and I am always excited to read another one!! Just finished Spark, sad to see it end!! Any more that you have coming? Again, congrats on the book!! Maybe one day you can actually put the Prison Break world into a real life novel!!


  2. Hey Michelle, thanks so much. It was a little sad for me to end Spark–it makes the end of PB seem more real. I do have another idea for a story though I don't know when I'll have time to start it! I appreciate you stopping by and commenting on the blog. Jen


  3. Hi Jen, I'm another huge fan of all your Prison Break Fanfic stories. \”With Good Behavior\” is one of my all-time fave stories on that site. I have just finished reading \”Spark\” (I actually started it this morning and read the whole thing!)Very exciting that you are getting a book published! Congratulations! Of course when I buy it (which I hope to do) I will always imagine a certain person in the role of Grant Madsen!! ;-)Hannah


  4. Thank you! This is what my website will look like, and Creative B extended the design to my blog too. Hopefully the website will be up today–we're waiting to hear from domain.com on a question. *hugs*


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