The Release is Coming! The Release is Coming!

It’s almost July 13th, the date of the release of With Good Behavior! *squeals* I would say that it’s been a long time coming, but Omnific Publishing has worked so quickly that it actually feels more like a whirlwind. I submitted a query letter to Omnific in January, 2010, and a mere six months later, the book’s hitting the shelves. Thank you to the Omnific team for your diligent and efficient efforts!

I’m also excited to announce that the sequel, Bad Behavior, will be published by Omnific as well. We’ve selected a blurb from the sequel to include in the original, as a “carrot” to entice you. Bad Behavior continues the adventures of Grant and Sophie (a.k.a. McSailor and Bonnie) with parole and therapy in the rough seas of Chicago’s organized crime.

Would you like to see the book cover? Read the synopsis? Purchase a paperback or ebook? Check out:


8 thoughts on “The Release is Coming! The Release is Coming!”

  1. Hey there Jen!!! Well it is the 13th of July in my part of the world….a very important day for one Jennifer Lane!!!Congrats (yet again) on your publishing endeavours. So glad to see that 'Bad Behaviour' has also been picked up. WGB would not have seemed complete without it. I'm deffo going get a copy – looking forward to seeing the 'new look' WGB. Would have loved an autographed copy heehee……but there you go!!!


  2. *squeals!* The big day has arrived!!! I'm so excited, you'd think I wrote the darn thing! ;D Congrats, Jen, I'm dying to read it!(Debbie, I guess we're going to have to wait for the World Tour!)


  3. Thank you Debbie and Janine! I'll be sure to include Australia and South Africa on my world tour. 😀 If I figure out a way to get you an autographed copy, I'll let you know. You gals DID help me write the darn thing, along with all of my wonderful online friends, so you should be proud of yourselves too!


  4. Hi Jen!If you ever figure how to get ME an autougraphed copy, let me know!*and add France to your world tour, at least as a pause on our riviera ;)*I hope this comment will show on your fantastic Blog!xxxCécile


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