In With Good Behavior, Grant and Sophie are both trying to make it on the outside. One condition of their parole is that they have to get employed, and Grant manages to find a job on a Chicago architectural cruise ship. Have you ever taken an architectural cruise? I thoroughly enjoyed hopping onboard myself in the “City of Broad Shoulders” in the summer of 2008, when this story takes place.

The Chicago Spire was one architectural marvel on the tour, just beginning construction. (Unfortunately, construction of the Spire has now halted due to the financial crisis facing our economy.) Once I saw an artist’s rendition of this amazing building, I became overwhelmed by the endless possibilities for using its design in a romance novel, and I simply had to include the Spire in WGB. When you see the drawing, I think you’ll know why:

                                                                          ‘Nuff said. 😀

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