Sexy Vegetables

I’ve had several friends ask me why I’m wearing a carrot costume in my Twitter and blog photo. Believe it or not, carrots and other vegetables do in fact tie into the plot of With Good Behavior!

My mother is very skilled at sewing. I remember that she would make a dress for my Barbie, and then whip up a matching dress for me. (Thanks, Mom!) She also sewed a few Halloween costumes for my sisters and me, and our favorite had to be the carrot costume. As the story goes, during bath-time my mom and sisters were discussing silly Halloween costume ideas, and at that moment the carrot seed was planted. Always up for a challenge, Mom took some orange and green felt, a yardstick, a wire hanger, and voila!

So how is the carrot connected to With Good Behavior? Roger Eaton, the captain of the architectural cruise ship that employs Grant and Sophie, has a penchant for eating Chicago deep-dish pizza and other artery-hardening foods. In one part of the story Roger tries to start eating heart-healthy vegetables, but he abhors the “tasteless pieces of crap”. Grant teases Rog about not getting along with veggies — telling him that Rog and the veggies should go out on a date to get to know each other better — and pretty soon the conversation degrades to the point where they’re laughing about “sexy vegetables”. (I guess you’ll have to read it!) So, carrots are indeed relevant to the story.

9 thoughts on “Sexy Vegetables”

  1. I thought it was just an incentive (carrot) to get us to read the book! …and that “sexy vegetables” was a rather inappropriate reference to brain damaged individuals…! :O *is difficult* ;)hee hee at the private Grant-Rog joke! They’re always the funniest. :)*tries to wrap her mind around sexy vegetables, whilst making a mental note to abduct Mrs. “Seamstress” Lane when she abducts Aunt “Oracle” Nancy*


  2. McSailor marquee? Hm… No, I don't remember that one. But I guess we'll see shortly now. It's just in a few days, Jen! Yay! 😀


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