The Main Characters

The romantic leads in With Good Behavior, Sophie Taylor and Grant Madsen, are two law-abiding citizens who unwittingly got mixed up with a Mafia capo, Logan Barberi. Their involvement with Logan led them both to prison sentences. The story begins as Sophie and Grant are starting parole and attempting to rebuild their lives and their dignity. Sophie is a former psychologist who’s an intelligent, spunky, strawberry-blond beauty. She has a tendency to open her heart to wounded people, including the “bad-boy” boyfriends littering her past. Grant is a former Navy lieutenant who’s hard-working and kind, with dark Italian features and stunning crystal-blue eyes. He has a penchant for brooding and self-sacrifice. Their paths collide outside their parole officer’s door, and both have no idea about the explosive hidden connection waiting for them like a ticking bomb down the road.

For more of my author interview, check out http://www.omnificpublishing.com/
The interview will be posted around July 13th, 2010–the release date for With Good Behavior!

9 thoughts on “The Main Characters”

  1. Exciting! Your main characters sound intriguing (…complex, and yet a lot like some people that I used to know! 😉 Trust you to have something dreadful ticking around the corner! :sNot long until release! 🙂


  2. It was so fun reading this new summary, Jen. It somehow gave me another perspective of the whole story, emphasizing Logan Barberi's part. Very good!


  3. LOL…..Yes Jen, tis I!!! Sorry about that, I fully intended to elaborate on my idenity at the time,(just wanted to see if it would post first) but I got called away, and have only now had a chance to pop back on and say hello….so…\”Hello\”Will go and have a wander and see what the latest is……


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