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Let’s talk research. How do you research unfamiliar topics to increase the authenticity of your writing?

My WIP Spiked (Blocked #3) has two main characters:

* Mateo is a music performance major with diabetes

* Jessica is an art major on the varsity swim team

I have part lungs, part gills after swimming all my life, so I’m good with that aspect of the story. But I know very little about the intricacies of music, art, and diabetes.

Thank goodness for Professor Google. For this story, I’ve consulted the inter webs for ideas about college curriculums, acoustic guitars, and the Secret Service. Of course there’s a lot of crap on the internet, but I try to verify information with two or three sites.

Human capital is awesome for research, too. Lovely reader Nelly Guajardo guides me with the diabetes aspects and my kickbutt crit partner Nicki Elson helps me as well.

How do you research?

Happy writing!


Keep Calm and Hop On Blog Hop #Giveaway #KeepCalmHopOn

Time for the Keep Calm and Hop On Giveaway Hop hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island.

In addition to a $10 Amazon gift card, I’m giving away two ebooks of my college volleyball romance series BLOCKED. Who loves volleyball? I think it’s an awesome sport.

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BLOCKED is on SALE #NA #College #Sports #Romance only $.99

New Adult Volleyball Romance BLOCKED is on sale December 15-20.

(The dates for the Amazon UK sale are Dec 17-23)

“Lucia hopes her scholarship will bring her closer to gorgeous athlete Dane. But there’s something major in the way of their romance — their parents are facing each other in the US presidential race! Will opposites attract in this fun, sexy read?”

Don’t miss the last days of the ACED (Blocked #2) Review Tour

Readers have fallen in love with Aced’s Alejandro:

“Lord forgive me for I have sinned and lusted over the hottie known as ALEJANDRO. Yup, dibs he’s all mine, chicas.”
~Nelly from Romance Bytes

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New Release: ACED (Blocked #2) #NA #Sports #Romance #Giveaway

Title: ACED
Series: Blocked #2

Author: Jennifer Lane
Release Date: December 2, 2015
Genre: New Adult Sports Romance 
Length: 80,000 words
Cover Artist: Coreen Montagna 

Volleyball wonder Lucia Ramirez found her love match in Blocked despite the glaring political spotlight aimed on her family. In Aced, the second book in Jennifer Lane’s Blocked series, it could be her brother Alejandro’s turn to get lucky in love.

Medical student Alejandro’s hot Latin looks get him plenty of attention, but his deep faith and admiration for his father keep him on a righteous path, with no time for something as frivolous as love. He strives to do the right thing—study diligently, take care of his siblings, represent the family well—so why does he feel so unfulfilled?

Enter Lucia’s friend and teammate Maddie Brooks, who shines at blocking the ball and acing the serve. Too bad this graduating senior isn’t so confident about her life off the court. Her longtime boyfriend has just bailed on her, and med school applications loom large. Oh, and a nerve-wracking tryout for Team USA also approaches.

Maddie meets Alejandro when he visits Lucia at school, and she’s soon drawn to his sharp mind. Alejandro is similarly intrigued by Maddie’s talent and strength. But will personal biases and family politics smother the slow burn of their attraction? Unless Maddie can learn to believe in herself, and Alejandro can become his own man, their kindling romance hardly stands a chance.

Will either of them be bold enough to try something new? Find out in this emotion-rich story that refuses to shy away from life’s hardest questions. Because love is worth the risk.

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Reviews for Aced

“Jennifer’s characters always interact with each other in a very comfortable pattern of easy and witty banter. She is exceedingly good at dialogue. Aced is a very brave book. Like Blocked, it is not simply a fluffy, sweet and cozy romance.”
~Teresa from Goodreads

“Lord forgive me for I have sinned and lusted over the hottie known as ALEJANDRO. Yup, dibs he’s all mine, chicas.”
~Nelly from Romance Bytes

“The plot is so well paced, I was reading until the wee hours of the morning.”
~Karie Deegan from My Reading Reality

“Blocked captivated my attention from start to finish and Aced does not disappoint. Hotheaded Alejandro meets his match in stubborn and confident Maddie.”
~Aaliyah from Goodreads


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About the Author

Get psyched for romance with psychologist/author (psycho author) Jennifer Lane! By day she’s a therapist, and by night she’s a writer. She can’t decide which is more fun.

Jen adores creating sporty heroines and hot heroes in her college sport romances. Volleyball wonder Lucia Ramirez found her love match in Blocked despite the glaring political spotlight aimed on her family. In Aced, the second book in the Blocked series, it’s her brother Alejandro’s turn to get lucky in love. Aced launches in December 2015.

A swimmer and volleyball player in college, Jen writes swimming-based romances as well: Streamline, a military mystery, and the free New Adult novella Swim Recruit.

Stories of redemption interest Jen the most, especially the healing power of love. She is also the author of The Conduct Series, a romantic-suspense trilogy that includes With Good Behavior, Bad Behavior, and On Best Behavior.

Ultimately, whether writing or reading, Jen loves stories that make her laugh and cry. In her spare time she enjoys exercising, attending book club, and visiting her sisters in Chicago and Hilton Head.


Twelve Days of New Adult #Giveaway

Thanks to Val from Stuck in Books for hosting the Twelve Days of New Adult Giveaway Hop!

I’m a huge fan of New Adult, both as a reader and an author. The timing of this giveaway coincides with the release of my third New Adult book: college sports romance ACED (Blocked #2).

Check out the many giveaways on my blog and Facebook page for the release.

But I have a special giveaway for this hop: one ebook of each of my New Adult sport romances: Blocked, Aced (Blocked #2), and Streamline (NA swimming romance).

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Gratitude #Giveaway #Giftcard

Thanks to Mary from Book Hounds and Kathy from I Am A Reader for hosting.

I am so grateful to the readers and authors I’ve met since starting this crazy publishing journey in 2010.

To express my gratitude, I’m giving away a $10 Amazon gift card. Enter on the Rafflecopter. Note: This hop is supposed to have only one entry so please choose ONE only way to enter.

I welcome you to return to the blog on 12-2-15 for the celebration of the release of ACED (Blocked #2), New Adult Sports Romance. I’ll be hosting a giveaway here and joining 25+ authors for the Facebook release party.

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ACED (Blocked #2) Review Tour #NA #Sports #Romance

Early reviews for ACED have been fantastic! *dances*

“Lord forgive me for I have sinned and lusted over the hottie known as ALEJANDRO. Yup, dibs he’s all mine, chicas.”
~Nelly from Romance Bytes

“The plot is so well paced, I was reading until the wee hours of the morning.”
~Karie from My Reading Reality

“Blocked captivated my attention from start to finish and Aced does not disappoint. Hotheaded Alejandro meets his match in stubborn and confident Maddie.”
~Aaliyah from Goodreads

If you want to meet Alejandro, please join us for the review tour starting December 2 (release day). Reviewers who post on Amazon on release day enter a special $25 gift card giveaway.

Here are the amazing blogs and Facebook pages that have signed up:

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Thank you for being part of the tour! *hugs*

American readers, enter the Goodreads giveaway for Aced.

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Aced by Jennifer Lane


by Jennifer Lane

Giveaway ends December 31, 2015.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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Spooktacular #Giveaway Hop

Thanks to Kathy for hosting the 5th Annual Spooktacular Giveaway Hop!

Halloween is a fun time, and it’s even more exciting for me due to the release of my college volleyball romance BLOCKED available for pre-order HERE.

I’ll offer more Amazon gift cards HERE for the release event and review tour.

Today I’m giving away a $10 Amazon gift card, Blocked ebook, and Blocked bookmarks so you can have abs, abs, abs for yourself. Enter on the Rafflecopter.

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Excerpt from #College #Volleyball #Romance BLOCKED

Only one week till the release of BLOCKED on 10-21-14. We hope to have it up for pre-order soon.

Until then, here’s an excerpt from Dane’s point of view.

I was just about to slurp the leftover milk from my second bowl of cereal when Lucia entered the kitchen. With my bowl suspended in midair, I watched her stop in place once she saw me.
Shit. So much for avoiding her after my beer-goggle kiss a week ago. The girl confused the hell out of me. I’d hoped some time away from her would clarify things, but given the uptick of my heartbeat when she strolled in the room, that obviously hadn’t happened.
As I set my bowl back on the table, my eyes floated from her flushed face to the slogan on her hot-pink T-shirt:

I grinned. Thank God guys don’t have to wear Spandex. When she turned to leave, I caught a glimpse of the luscious curve of her bottom. And thank God girl players do.
“Wait, don’t go.” Why did I just say that?
She pivoted and nailed me with her suspicious gaze. “What?”
Feeling unnerved, I gestured toward the open box of cereal on the table. “Want some dinner? You don’t have to leave on my account.”
She stared at the cereal for a few moments. At first she seemed to give the box a longing look, like she’d discovered a deep cache of oil on a barren stretch of land. Then her eyes tightened into the same hostile look I’d seen so many times on her father. Despite this, I noticed dark hollows beneath her eyes and felt a smidgen of concern for her. That level of exhaustion typically didn’t occur until later in the season, when Holter’s constant demands would inevitably wear down the girl’s team.
“I’m not hungry,” she finally said.
“But you haven’t eaten anything.”
She glanced up from the box of cereal with wide eyes. “Yes, yes, I have.”
When she stepped away from me, I took my time getting to my feet in an effort to avoid scaring her away. “Then why’d you come to the kitchen?”
“I…” Her eyes darted around the modern appliances. She backed up until her butt brushed the counter, which one hand gripped with white knuckles. “I came to get a drink.”
Why did she look so tortured? “Oh.” I shrugged. “I’ll get it for you.”
I made it to the fridge in two strides and opened the door. “What’d you want? We’ve got cranberry juice, orange juice, Coke…hey, there’s even some beer hidden back here — ”
“Water,” she said. I backed out of the shelf and straightened, wondering if I’d heard her correctly. “Just ice water.”
That’s kind of boring.” I crossed over to the cabinet and snatched a glass from the shelf, then returned to the refrigerator door to fill it with crushed ice and filtered water. “Here ya go.”
She hesitated as she studied the drink in my outstretched hand. “Relax. It’s not poisoned.” I grinned at her.
She grasped the glass. Her hand trembled as she took a sip. “Why are you being nice to me?”
Man, she had trust issues. All I did was get her a freaking glass of water! I performed a little bow and adopted an English accent. “The setter is here to serve the hitter, milady.”
Was that a hint of a smile? The subtle quirk of one corner of her mouth filled me with warmth, and I realized that was the first time I’d seen her even come close to a smile. Esa chica needed to learn how to chill if she wanted to last as a Highbanks varsity athlete. She set down her glass and seemed to take a deep breath.
“Have you always been a setter?”

Her question made me pause. Why does she want to know? “Yep.”

I need to be in charge. “I like being the leader of the team.”
“Kind of tall for a setter, aren’t you?”
Wow. Mute Girl actually engaged me in conversation? I watched her gaze linger at my feet and slowly sweep up my body. I stared right back at her, trying to figure out what she found so fascinating. When our eyes met, it took a second to register what was going on. Damn! She had just ogled me. Having her eyes roam over my body…I had to admit it felt pretty great. I winked at her, and a pretty, rose-colored blush crept up her neck a second before she looked away.
Don’t forget to enter the Goodreads giveaway HERE. You can also win muchos prizes at the Blocked Release party on Facebook 10-21-14 from 11:00-3:00 EST.


Excerpt #NA #Volleyball #Romance BLOCKED Releasing 10-21-14

Have you added Blocked to your Goodreads shelf yet? Enter a giveaway for a signed print copy. We’re less than one month away from the launch of the New Adult volleyball romance.

Here’s an excerpt from chapter 2, Dane’s perspective.

“Lucia!” Coach Holter barked.

Ignoring him, she took a step toward me. Her long braid whipped behind her shoulder. “I have my reasons for being here, and it’s not about the election.”

“What reasons?”

“C’mon,” said the agent with blond curly hair as she put her arm around Lucia’s shoulders. Her voice lowered. “Your coach is having a cow.”

“Oh, no.” Lucia closed her eyes, turned, and made a beeline for the classroom. At the door, Coach Holter grabbed her shoulder and jabbed his finger toward her chest. I couldn’t hear his words, but he was pissed. Lucia’s head lowered as she nodded, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Her thick, black hair shone. She wore modest dresses on the campaign trail, but her volleyball practice uniform — a form-fitting gray T-shirt and black Spandex shorts — was far superior. The toned muscles of her arms and long-ass legs left no doubt she was a scholarship athlete. Whether or not she could really play — to earn that scholarship — was yet to be seen. She didn’t have much of a chest, but the luscious curve of her butt more than compensated. Talk about junk in the trunk. Damn. Why’d all of that have to belong to her?

Coach Holter’s lecture appeared to gain momentum and his voice rose loud enough for me to hear. “Do you think you deserve special treatment!?”

Lucia shook her head as she continued staring at her shoes. “Look at me when I talk to you!”

When her head snapped up, I could see tears in her eyes. As she stared wide-eyed at her coach, her clenched fists shook at her side. La chica looked on the verge of meltdown, and I didn’t envy her. I’d been on the receiving end of my club coach’s ass-chewing too many times to count. Thank God my college coach, Phil, was as chill as they came.

China’s stern face filled my line of vision. “Time to go, Mr. Monroe.” Her short brown hair, gelled into place, didn’t move an inch as she shook her head. “I know it must be a pleasure for you to watch Ms. Ramirez get reamed by her coach — ”

“Not really.” Sure, it was kind of fun to see Miss-Conservative- Know-it-All get her comeuppance, but I wasn’t made of stone.

“But if we don’t leave now, you’ll be late for practice.”

By the time I was able to step around China to check out the doorway again, Lucia and Holter had disappeared into the classroom.

“Fine. Let’s go.”

“This way.” Brad pointed to the opposite end of the hallway. “If ya want to avoid the media.”