Masquerade: Oddly Suited Blog Tour Interview

Today my pub sister, Nancee Cain, interviews me about Behind the Catcher’s Mask, my story in the Masquerade: Oddly Suited anthology!

Check out the interview HERE.

Stories Featured

Oddly Suited, LG Keltner
The silliest situations may be oddly suited for romance.
Behind the Catcher’s Mask, Jennifer Lane
Who can help her through a meltdown on the pitcher’s mound?
The Dark Charade, CD Gallant-King
The new girl in town falls in love for a mysterious boy who is maybe, probably, most definitely, a vampire.
The Cog Prince, Elizabeth Mueller
Falling in love, saving the day, and a masque—oh my! Will a missing key free a clock-bound prince?
A Diver’s Ball, Angela Brown
You can be anything you want in the online world of Cumulus. A human. An elf. A powerful beast mutation from your wildest imagination. But can you be in love?
Flower of Ronda, Myles Christensen
What if life’s price of servanthood could be changed?
Fearless Heart, Deborah Solice
Is he a figment of her imagination conjured to keep her sane, or is he something else…something more?
Charleston Masquerade, Carrie-Anne Brownian
Can two worlds come together and find love?
Sea of Sorrows, Anstice Brown
What could a shapeshifting siren know about love?
Remedy, Chelsea Marie Ballard
Everything is against Remy and Rudy, but on the night of the Masquerade Ball, they must choose: each other or their lives?
You can find out more about the authors of Masquerade: Oddly Suited here.


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Tour Schedule

Visit the other blog tour hosts below to find out more about the stories and authors featured in Masquerade: Oddly Suited.

About the Anthology

Title: Masquerade: Oddly Suited
Release date: April 30th, 2019
Genres: Young Adult Fiction: Romance – General / Paranormal / Contemporary
Print ISBN: 9781939844644
EBook ISBN: 9781939844651

ACED (Blocked #2) Review Tour #NA #Sports #Romance

Early reviews for ACED have been fantastic! *dances*

“Lord forgive me for I have sinned and lusted over the hottie known as ALEJANDRO. Yup, dibs he’s all mine, chicas.”
~Nelly from Romance Bytes

“The plot is so well paced, I was reading until the wee hours of the morning.”
~Karie from My Reading Reality

“Blocked captivated my attention from start to finish and Aced does not disappoint. Hotheaded Alejandro meets his match in stubborn and confident Maddie.”
~Aaliyah from Goodreads

If you want to meet Alejandro, please join us for the review tour starting December 2 (release day). Reviewers who post on Amazon on release day enter a special $25 gift card giveaway.

Here are the amazing blogs and Facebook pages that have signed up:

Wednesday, December 2

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My Reading Reality Series Review of Blocked and Aced

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Hot Guys in Books Review of Aced

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Thank you for being part of the tour! *hugs*

American readers, enter the Goodreads giveaway for Aced.

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Aced by Jennifer Lane


by Jennifer Lane

Giveaway ends December 31, 2015.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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New Release: VIBRIZZIO by @NickiElson3D #Review #Giveaway

Congratulations to my critique partner on the release of her contemporary romance VIBRIZZIO!

Lyssa Bates doesn’t need a man. Not when the world is fully-stocked with double A batteries and a wide array of options in Amazon’s health and sexual wellness category. After yet another failed relationship, the twenty-six-year-old investment analyst is convinced that real guys aren’t ever going to live up to her expectations—so why should she bother with them? She’s determined to keep her dating life purely electronic…though she occasionally fantasizes about Hayden King, the delicious new associate she just got partnered with at work.

While Lyssa manages her romantic risks by deleting men from of the equation, the ever-charming Hayden protects his heart by diversifying his love life across multiple women. As the two young professionals travel together around the country for business, their flirty working relationship develops into a close friendship that hurtles toward something more. Between hot tub confessions in Baltimore, an accidental kiss in Dallas, and an all-nighter in Chicago, Hayden proves himself to be better than any fantasy.

I adored this story, as you can see from my review. Check out the tour schedule HERE.

VibrizzioVibrizzio by Nicki Elson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Funny, Heartwarming Romance

Nicki Elson has a talent for writing humorous, engaging characters, and Lyssa Bates is my favorite so far. Lyssa’s an investment analyst in her twenties who dates a cute, skinny nerd named Keith.

He was a runner and also dabbled in martial arts and whatever else was the current rage in nerd culture.

Keith buys her a vibrator to spice up their sex life, and Lyssa likes her new toy. A lot. Lyssa likes her vibrator so much that she nicknames it Vibrizzio, her sexy Italian lover.

Keith isn’t so enamored of Vibrizzio, especially when Lyssa always insists on a threesome. That’s gotta be a new low when a boyfriend is jealous of a lil’ machine.

Meanwhile, Lyssa get assigned to an important account at work: Project Pineapple. Heading the team is the gorgeous Hayden King. He’s a rising star in the company, confident and competent. He’s curious about Lyssa, but she seriously doubts his interest in her.

Hayden learns about Vibrizzio in an unfortunate airport incident. Damn the TSA! Lyssa tries to play the vibrator off as a flashlight. Later, at a dimly lit restaurant:

He nodded and squinted. “This lighting’s pretty dim. I’m having trouble seeing my choices—do you have that flashlight handy?” His handsome features stayed perfectly composed as he narrowed his eyes further and tilted his head to the side. “Can I borrow it for a sec?”

Lyssa stared at him, hard, and didn’t say a word. Flicking his eyes up, he held her gaze while the corners of his mouth twitched.

“Having fun?” Lyssa asked.

He shrugged. “Not as much as you apparently plan on having later.”

Lyssa disdains the plentiful women Hayden seems to attract. After one of his trysts, they chat.

”That woman has an ass that won’t quit.”

Lyssa wrinkled her face. “What exactly does that expression even mean? An ass that won’t quit? Think about the primary function of an ass—I’d think that’s the sort of thing you might want to quit.”

Lyssa’s sister is rather bitchy, but Lyssa dishes it right back:

”How’s the big bad city treating you,” Jessica asked, pulling back and holding her hand to her sister’s face, running a thumb over her cheek. “Yikes, all those exhaust fumes are hell on the pores, I see.”

“The city’s great, Jess. Too bad you never got a chance to live there.”

“Well, some of us move on with our lives and can’t stay stuck in the party-party atmosphere of the college years forever.”

“True. And some of us feel the need to experience life before bending to the will of an arcane society.”

I would hate a judgmental sister like that.

I could feel the romantic tension building between Lyssa and Hayden, but it’s tough for her to see. When the idea arises of Hayden dating Lyssa’s friend Trish, Lyssa tries to be okay with it.

He pursed his lips. “Normally this is something I’d be all over, but I haven’t been feeling normal lately.” He leveled his eyes at her.

“Is this something you should talk to your gynecologist about?” Lyssa asked.

He grinned. “You’re extra sassy today, which means you’re using humor to divert your discomfort. I think maybe you’re not as okay with this as you claim to be.”

Hayden knows Lyssa well.

This story had me beaming and cheering at the end. HIGHLY recommended!

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I’ve had the pleasure of reading book two in the series, Revirginated, and it is equally awesome!


Writing wasn’t something Nicki set out to do; it just sort of happened when she realized writing reports was by far her favorite part of her investment consulting position. She traded stock allocation and diversification for story arcs and dialogue and now weaves her creative writing time in with the other activities of her busy life with her family in the Chicago suburbs.

Nicki writes with two goals in mind: #1 to keep the characters realistic, even when their circumstances are anything but, and #2 to make the reader feel. Watch for her new title Vibrizzio, coming in 2015 from Swoon Romance. Her published works include Three Daves, a light-hearted romantic romp through a 1980s college campus, Divine Temptation, a romantic novel of angelic proportions, and Hans & Greta: a Twisted Fairy Tale Novella. Her published short stories include “Sway” (available as a single), “I Don’t Do Valentine’s Day” (part of A Valentine Anthology), and “Impressionism 101” (included in the debut issue of Insatiable: The Magazine of Paranormal Desire).


New Release VIBRIZZIO by @NickiElson3D #Naughty #Romance

Great news, ladies – VVVVVVIBRIZZIO by Nicki Elson is here! Guys, uhm, well…

Lyssa Bates doesn’t need a man. Not when the world is fully-stocked with double A batteries (long-lasting) and a wide array of options in Amazon’s health and sexual wellness category. Thank the gods of Internet ordering.

After yet another failed relationship, the twenty-six-year-old investment analyst is convinced that real guys aren’t ever going to live up to her expectations—so why should she bother with them when the only thing standing between her and her next mind-blowing O is the case in which she keeps Vibrizzio? Yep. She gave it a name. An Italian name!

She’s determined to keep her dating life purely electronic…though she occasionally fantasizes about Hayden King, the delicious new associate she just got partnered with at work.

As the two young professionals travel together around the country for business, their flirty working relationship develops into a close friendship that hurtles toward something more.

Between hot tub confessions in Baltimore, an accidental kiss in Dallas, and an all-nighter in Chicago, Hayden proves himself to be better than any fantasy, and Vibrizzio’s days may finally be numbered.

I’m so excited this book is out in the world–I LOVED it. Come back May 5th for my review and giveaway on the blog tour!


#Review Tour Wrap & #Giveaway of #NA #Sports #Romance BLOCKED

It’s been three weeks since the release of Blocked. Thank you to all who have spent some time with hero Dane and heroine Lucia!

Available at Amazon

I’ve LOVED the fun and insightful reviews from book bloggers and authors on the AToMR tour, and I want to share some of my favorites:

Reviewer Hazel from Musings of the Bookaholic Fairies made the banner above (so cute) and said, “This book reads like a movie.” It made her feel “happy, sad, and all gooey inside”.

Momina from Novelty Books said, “Filled with Sweet Romance, Pressure and Regrets, Blocked is a story of how two people with different beliefs put that aside and simply enjoy what they have.” In addition to my giveaway below, Mo hosts an ebook giveaway HERE.

Chanpreet from Confessions of a YA & NA Book Addict said, “I had no idea volleyball and politics could be so sexy!”

Patty from Bookish Wanderlove said, “Both characters were amazing” and “The ending. OMG, I loved it!”

I adore Leisha’s reviews from RoloPolo Book Blog. “Blocked is a solid, entertaining and, character-driven read. From the moment Dane and Lucia meet face-to-face it is oil and water, cats and dogs, Republicans and Democrats.”

Michelle from Hot Guys in Books said, “I devoured this book in one sitting! Dane is a HOTTIE. He was just an awesome hero who made me swoon.”

Summer’s Book Blog said, “The chemistry is so strong between these two. They play off each other very well. I love how they can help pick each other up after their weaknesses and secrets are revealed.”

I want to THANK YOU with a giveaway.

11/11 is the LAST day to enter to win a $15 gift card and other goodies HERE.

Stay tuned for the Gratitude Giveaway starting 11/15.


The Work In Progress #WIP Blog Tour

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Maria Savva for this blog tour. Maria is a prolific author and I loved her collection of short stories Fusion (my review is HERE.) 

The rules: Provide the link back to the post by the person who nominated you. Write a little about and give the first sentences of the first three chapters of your current WIP, then nominate four other writers to do the same.

My current WIP isn’t actually in progress anymore; it’s FINISHED. Yahoo! The release date for Blocked is 10-21-14 and the cover reveal is just around the corner: 8-25-14.

College freshman Lucia Ramirez has a secret crush on Dane Monroe. He’s a tall drink of water — blond, brash, and one hell of a volleyball player.¡Híjole! Lucia hopes her volleyball scholarship to his school will make him notice her.

Too bad what’s noticeable is Dane’s obvious hatred for Lucia. Her family’s politics contradict everything he stands for. And politics are front and center in both their families. Dane’s mother is about to face Lucia’s father in the race for US President.

When Secret Service throws them together, Dane can’t deny his frustrating attraction to Lucia’s athletic curves and sweet faith in the world. Amid the intense pressure of college athletics and presidential politics, can opposites not just attract, but overcome overwhelming odds to be together? Or do their differences block their match from the start?

Want to sign up for the cover reveal, release blitz, and/or blog review tour for Blocked? Head over to AToMR Tours.

Blocked has alternating points of view. The odd chapters are Lucia Ramirez and the even chapters are Dane Monroe.

Chapter One

As I plopped down on the bleachers and scanned my new teammates around me, one word came to mind: heaven

Chapter Two

I can’t fucking believe it…I thought for sure Brad was shitting me when he said Lucia Ramirez was coming to play volleyball here.

Chapter Three

Sweat poured off Dane in a steady stream, but he didn’t even look like he was breathing hard. 


I’m nominating the following 4 talented writers to reveal their WIPs 🙂

Nicki Elson – http://nickielson.blogspot.com

Beck Anderson – http://authorbeck.com/category/blog-post/

Elisa Dane – http://www.elisadane.com

Carol Oates – http://www.caroloates.com/p/home.html

Check out their blogs and their books!!


Blog Tour: Son of Set by @KelseyKetch

YA Bound hosts the book tour for SON OF SET! See the tour schedule HERE and be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post.

Character Interview: Seth

Today, we’re honored to have Seth O’Keefe—Setemple’s prince of chaos. 

Hey, Seth. How are you today?

SO: *Gives a swoon worthy smile and runs his fingers through his copper hair.* I’d have to say well, being here with you.

*Blushes.* Always the Charmer, aren’t you?  What do you think it is about you that makes you so irresistible?

SO: Most girls tell me it’s all about my eyes and their hypnotic color. But I’m sure there are other reasons as well.

Mm hm, and what is it about Natara Stone that makes her so much more appealing than the bevy of beauties that constantly surround you?

SO: *Laughs.* Where to start? Her amazing amethyst eyes; her smooth, bronze skin; her beautiful, raven-colored hair; the sway of her hips as she walks; and a figure that could rock—  

Okay, okay. A girl could get a complex listening to how you rave about her, but what is she really like?

SO: Are you kidding? She’s as frustrating as hell! She never listens. She never does what she’s told. And let’s not forget the numerous times I’ve already saved her pretty little ass. *Rolls his eyes and scrubs his face.* Unfortunately, all those little annoying details—all her quirks and nervous habits—are also what I find the most attractive about her. Even her little British pout is irresistible.

What has been the biggest surprise for you since you have been involved with Natti?

SO: Honestly, I think the both of us are finding out things on this trip that neither of us expected to discover. We’re both capable of so much more than we ever dreamed, and because of that, I’m not even sure if it’s safe for her to be around me at this point.

So, what’s it like to be a fugitive from the Sons?

SO: Odd, and truthfully, downright terrifying. They were my kin, my brethren, my friends. I grew up with them. I was a firm believer in their beliefs. I even craved for the day to hold a Secret Keeper’s heart in my hand. Now, I’m their enemy, and believe me when I say my father wouldn’t give a sh*t if I die. In fact, he’d probably kill me himself before dragging Natti back to the altar. That’s why we have to stay several steps ahead of him. My father has too many resources to help him get what he wants, and I can’t allow him to capture us again.

With that in mind, if you had it to do all over again, would you still have saved Natti?

SO: In a heartbeat.

Readers, be sure to check out the rest of Seth’s story in Son of Set (Descendants of Isis #2) and follow where his adventure with Natti takes him.
Release Date: 05/02/14

Summary from Goodreads:

“. . . the Sons would never just let him go—alive.”

Seth O’Keefe has broken the laws of his god. He never thought he would sacrifice his own future to protect a Daughter of Isis. But when the Sons of Set discovered Natti is the Secret Keeper, he had no choice. Now, Seth and Natti are on the run from his father, who wants nothing more than to see Seth dead. With no allies, Seth turns to the Daughters of Isis for help, hoping they would protect Natti. But when they meet the Daughters, he discovers a secret that puts both their lives in more danger. Low on options, Seth sees only one possibility for survival. He must help Natti solve an ancient puzzle and find the secret name of Ra.

Natara “Natti” Stone is having a hard time swallowing the truth. She can’t believe what she has learned in the past twenty-four hours: Seth is a Son of Set blessed with charm; she is a Daughter of Isis blessed with a sliver of Ma ‘at; the locket her grandmother gave her holds an ancient Egyptian secret linking to Osiris and Isis. That along with being tortured and brutalized by the Sons of Set, she can hardly hold herself together. Thank God for Seth’s touch! That warm, tingling sensation that drowns it all out. Yet her heart struggles to stay focused. She must quickly embrace her destiny before the secret name of Ra falls into the wrong hands.

*Note: Content for Upper YA*

Add to your Goodreads shelf.

Buy Links

Son of Set
Daughter of Isis (On sale for $.99 during the week of the tour)

Here’s my review of Daughter of Isis. Loved it!

About the Author

During her high school years, Kelsey Ketch could always be found tucked away in a little corner of the hall or classroom, writing her fantasy worlds and creating illustrations and maps. Today is no different, except now she’s writing in the break room at her office building or at the tables of the Barnes and Noble Café in Cary, North Carolina. She is also an avid reader, a part-time book blogger at Ketch’s Book Nook, and lives with her two orange tabbies and awesome and humorous flat-mate.Daughter of Isis is her debut novel.
For more information, please visit her site at 

Author Links:
One lucky winner will get a was scepter pendant (created specially by SilverspotStudio), a hieroglyphic tote bag, and a Son of Set journal (INT)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Daughter of Isis by Kelsey Ketch: Review

It’s time for the Daughter of Isis Blog Tour, hosted by YA Bound! Check out the full tour schedule HERE.

Daughter of Isis (Descendants of Isis, #1)Daughter of Isis by Kelsey Ketch
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Son of Set Is a Son of a B*tch

Kelsey Ketch is one of the sweetest authors around! When I discovered the opportunity to read and review her debut novel, I snatched it. I rarely stray from my preferred genre of contemporary romance, and the fact that I enjoyed this Egyptian YA paranormal romance so much speaks volumes for the entertainment value of this story.

Natara “Nattie” Stone has the unenviable task of starting twelfth grade not only in a new school but in a new country. Her mother died when she was five, and her father moves Nattie from London to the Californian desert following the murder of her beloved Egyptian grandmother.

“Brit-Chick” Nattie encounters some kind friends at her new high school:

”Well, how else do you explain Seth’s weirdness?” Jen snapped. “Every girl drools over that guy, and no mortal human can look that good.”
“I’m mortal,” Kevin pointed out.
Jen’s eyes wandered over him. “Case in point,” Jen concluded. “So, Seth has to be supernatural.”

But the classmate who really stands out in Natti’s mind is the one who has slept with about half the female class: Seth. The other half wishes they were so lucky. He’s definitely a charmer…except to Nattie. She gets an intense headache every time he’s around (LOL) which definitely intrigues stalker Seth.

Nattie is a likable character, earnest and intelligent. I would prefer Natara’s nickname to be Tara or Nata because Nattie seems more reminiscent of a southern maid than a British daughter of Isis. But my favorite character is Seth. His behavior is despicable at first, which is understandable given his slimeball father. Seth is a son of Set—a descendent of an Egyptian god who’s all about lust, destruction, and chaos. (I love the idea of one’s sole purpose in life being to create chaos.) From these evil beginnings, Seth really matures in this story. There’s a reason Nattie’s feelings evolve for him over time.

At first the plot seemed too similar to Twilight, but then it found its own rhythm. The pace continued building to the exciting conclusion, which leaves room for a sequel. One mystery yet to be revealed is why Nattie’s father moved them to this small town in California, with its Egyptian symbols. And what is up with the book her father is writing? How much does he know about her mother’s and grandmother’s death? I’m guessing we’ll learn more in the next book. *claps*

Great job, Kelsey Ketch!

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#Review and #Giveaway: Chasing Hope by Kathryn Cushman

Chasing HopeChasing Hope by Kathryn Cushman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Inspiring and Corny

When I saw the blurb for this new release, I loved the NA/YA sports angle and signed up to review it on my blog. This is a poignant story demonstrating the adage “When God closes a door, He opens a window.”

Sabrina is a college senior whose dream to run for Team USA in the Olympics fell short due to an autoimmune illness attacking her body. She is bitter about her loss, and angry with God for crashing her vaunted goal of becoming a missionary who spreads God’s word based on her running success.

Sabrina lives with her grandmother, who seems to disapprove of Sabrina’s revised plan to begin a competitive business internship. But Sabrina doesn’t want to hear it and continues with her busy life of classes and work, despite feeling tired and sick most of the time.

They encounter a family friend whose teenaged grand-daughter Brandy has fallen in with the wrong crowd. Brandy gets arrested for using drugs, and the only way for her to avoid juvenile detention is for Sabrina to coach her as a runner. Sabrina’s not thrilled about working with this sullen, disrespectful teenager, but reluctantly agrees to help out her grandmother and her friend. Coaching Brandy brings on nightmares of races Sabrina no longer can run.

Brandy has natural talent but doesn’t seem to care about using it. Sabrina would give anything to run again. It’s a fiery mix of personalities that keeps the story interesting.

I haven’t read many Christian novels, so if this is your preferred genre then you may love this story. Overall I enjoyed it, but I did have some quibbles. At times I found the characterization cheesy. My biggest struggle was that the characters’ voices didn’t sound authentic for their age. I work with college students, and I can’t imagine them saying something like:

”Bless your heart, I’ll just bet she has.”

“Perhaps it is time for some new ones.”

“Sabrina Rice, would you do me the honor of accompanying me on a date this Saturday evening?”

I also found it difficult to understand why Sabrina felt so ashamed of her illness ending her running career. It was frustrating when she wouldn’t tell a potential boyfriend Koen about her background. I wonder if she felt shame because she believed God caused her illness for some reason. I disagree with that notion — my beliefs align more with the message of When Bad Things Happen to Good People : God can’t stop natural phenomena like gravity or disease, but God can be there for us to heal and recover.

ARCs are not polished copies but the formatting was so jumbled that I had difficulty following who was speaking at times. And for some reason all the “ff”s were deleted, which was off-putting, or o-putting.

I do have a fondness for Brandy’s grandmother, who was there for her no matter what. Despite some aspects I didn’t enjoy, this story did bring tears to my eyes a few times — a sign of a good read, in my opinion.

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This blog tour is hosted by I Am a Reader.

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