#IWSG How Does Writing Affect Your Reading?

Welcome to February’s edition of Insecure Writers Support Group, the brainchild of Alex Cavanaugh. Hop on board at Alex’s blog!

How was your January? I had to replace my furnace/AC/water heater and let’s just say I’m relieved I don’t have to survive on my measly author income after getting that bill. Luckily the system died when we had unseasonably warm temperatures in Ohio.

Are you ready for Singles Awareness Day on February 14th?

February Question: How has being a writer changed your experience as a reader?

Positive change: A greater appreciation for well-written books.

Negative change: Less enjoyment of many books. Before starting as a writer, I didn’t notice misspellings (like blond/blonde) or excessive verbiage. In the past, I skipped over cliches and telling instead of showing. Now those errors disgust me.

I feel fortunate fellow authors had the patience to read my debut novel, considering all my fledgling writer mistakes. I just re-edited With Good Behavior and chopped off 33,000 words, yahoo! The manuscript is with my publisher for a copy edit before we re-release it.

Speaking of revising, my website is over six years old and in need of an overhaul. Any web designers you’d recommend?

Thank you to this month’s co-hosts:

11 thoughts on “#IWSG How Does Writing Affect Your Reading?”

  1. It's so frustrating when everything in the house seems to implode!!! 😦 I also re-edited my very first books, and eliminated so much dribble. It's amazing what a few years of learning to write tighter and better can do. I bet you feel better about yourself and your books.


  2. I'm so glad you threw that positive change in there. I tend to only give credit to the negative side, but you're totally right – a greater appreciation for brilliant writing is a definite plus. Ooph, sorry about your house bills – sucks when it's for something that's not even exciting (ooh, come see my sparkling new water heater!).Congrats on completing the rewrite of With Good Behavior. I hope you had lots of fun digging into it.


  3. If you're up to designing your own, Go Daddy is super easy to make and maintain. I've had my site for over three years now. Congrats on your edits! It's hard to chop. Most writers want to add. Big mistake:)


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