#IWSG Balancing Writing with the Day Job

Happy February Insecure Writer’s Support Group!

IWSG is the brainchild of Alex Cavanaugh. Join us HERE.

How’s your writing? I’ve been making good progress on book three in my college sports romance series Blocked. Too bad I came to a standstill due to a psychology conference I’ve attended the past few days.

Check out the gorgeous Montana mountains where I’ve learned more about psychology and interacted with lovely colleagues. 

I’m itching to get back to my writing when I return home to Ohio, though I have so many emails and messages to plow through that it may take a while.

Do you have any tips for writing while traveling? Or for balancing writing with your day job?

7 thoughts on “#IWSG Balancing Writing with the Day Job”

  1. I get up a little early each morning and stay up a little later than my tired eyes want to write in those quiet times. The past 4 weekends, I worked 24 of the 48 hours! Whew!It is hard for me to find free time to write, too. On my blood runs, I write the next chapter(s) in my head. Then, when I actually do it, it often comes out better because my unconscious mind has been at work on my initial thoughts.I envy you the view and the psychology conference as my master's is in Psychology. May the road always be interesting and the view inspiring for you.


  2. Beautiful! You're awesome about getting down to business when you do have time to write, so don't stress about stepping away from time to time. I actually think it's better that way – like Roland says, it gives your story time to play in your subconscious.


  3. I would have found a writing table somewhere that looked out upon that scenery and then I would have written until my hand began cramping. That's the kind of scene that inspires my muse.


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