#IWSG This is the EXCITING Stuff! #BookSigning #CoverReveal

Happy October to All Writers.

Join us for the Insecure Writers Support Group, hosted by Alex J Cavanaugh HERE. We vent about our worries and support each other through the lonely journey.

After writing for nine months, I’m excited for the fun part: releasing a novel!

We are editing ACED (Blocked #2), a New Adult volleyball romance. We hope for a release date in November of 2015. The cover for Aced showcases hot Latino med student Alejandro Ramirez, and I’m eager to share it with the world.

Want to help me with the cover reveal on 10-21-15? Sign up HERE.

Over the weekend I attended the book signing, *Sassy in Savannah*. There was a huge turnout despite the rain plaguing South Carolina, and I had a blast meeting readers like Becca.

What’s your favorite book swag? I have bookmarks, of course, but I like to offer something more creative. I decided to buy volleyball key chains and print them myself, and they were a big hit.

After the book signing, we headed south for some sunshine in St. Augustine, Florida. It was beautiful visiting America’s oldest city. I am covered in mosquito bites. *itches*

Hope you have an opportune October!

4 thoughts on “#IWSG This is the EXCITING Stuff! #BookSigning #CoverReveal”

  1. Good luck with the release and I love the idea of the key chains. I didn't know the oldest American city was in Florida. Learn something every day.


  2. Glad you didn't float away! I was in South Carolina this weekend and thought I would never make it back.Good to hear the signing went well. I don't do cover reveals, but let me know the details before the release and I'll announce it for you.


  3. I've heard the bookmarks are not as popular as they used to be. And here I have a box full. I wonder if pens are a better investment, something people use daily. Over the years my fridge door was full of magnets that I eventually tossed out as they apparently were not good for the fridge's motor thingy. I think my next freebee will be a FORBIDDEN mouse pad. Wishing you great success, Jen.


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