Learning Cool Stuff Through Writing #IWSG

Woo hoo, I love summer. Time for June’s Insecure Writers Support Group, hosted by Alex Cavanaugh

Alex’s awesome co-hosts for the June 3 posting of the IWSG are M. Pax, Tracy Jo,Patricia Lynne, Rachna Chhabria, Feather Stone, and Randi Lee!

Writers, join us HERE

There are so many cool aspects about writing, but one of my favorites is learning something new.

I just wrote a chapter in my work-in-progress Aced where the hero attends confession with a priest. I like to write moments when my characters grow and challenge dysfunctional behaviors. Typically this involves throwing my characters into therapy. But Aced’s hero Alejandro is a Catholic Latino good boy, and I wanted to try a new space for healing and development outside the therapy office.

Although I attended Notre Dame for grad school, I’m not Catholic, and I’ve never experienced confession myself. Luckily, my critique partner is Catholic, and she provided a helpful link explaining the process. I also found this list of sins that blew me away. Jeez… I sin all the time!

Did you know that pirating ebooks is a sin? 😮

Both confession and therapy involve reflection and sharing secrets. But one unique part of confession is FORGIVENESS. I love the idea of seeking God’s mercy in an effort to forgive ourselves.

What cool stuff have you learned through writing?

10 thoughts on “Learning Cool Stuff Through Writing #IWSG”

  1. I like a lot of fighting and battle scenes in my stories and I constantly quiz my boyfriend who comes from a weapons/military type family about how this would happen or that. He’s definitely NOT the internet but I still feel like I’m learning!!


  2. Thank God (literally) for His forgiveness! I like the research parts of writing too—whether it's learning more about a place I haven't been or about archaeological proof of the Bible, which only ended up figuring minimally into one of my stories, but that didn't stop me from spending hour on it once I got going. P.S. Your crit partner will be getting back to you that chapter sooooon.


  3. I can't count the things I've learned through writing. Mostly, I'm glad I learned editing, better way to earn money to keep hubby from giving me flak about reading books and spending time online book blogging. I wish I had time to go to critique group… that was great until we moved.


  4. I love the research process. I've learned a fair amount about ghosts, and had some fun researching ghost stories on the web. Of course, I don't actually like ghost stories.


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