W is for Wenworth Miller

Have you heard of actor Wentworth Miller? He’s my favorite actor, and an inspiration for my writing. I loved him in the TV show Prison Break. He played the lead character Michael Scofield with intelligence, passion, suaveness, and just the right amount of vulnerability. I think he is so sexy!

Who’s your favorite actor or actress? How have they inspired you?

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12 thoughts on “W is for Wenworth Miller”

  1. If you read my GHOST WRITERS IN THE SKY, you will find out my favorite actress is Marlene Dietrich. She was offered riches, castles, her choice of scripts if only she would go back to Germany right before WWII to make movies for Hitler.She chased Himler (I know I spelled it wrong, but it is late!) out of her suite with a poker. Then, with a death sentence on her head for 3 years she entertained the troops on THE FRONT LINES. Hitler would have first tortured her then executed her if she had been captured.But for 3 years, she slept on the ground or in jeeps — endured the cold, stayed despite artillery barrages. After those 3 years, she was considered too old to be a star anymore. GOLDEN EARRINGS proved Hollywood wrong.Whew! I got carried away, didn't I? But her ghost visits me … along with Mark Twain's. That chapter is in my GHOST WRITERS book if you are interested. Have a beautiful day, Roland


  2. I've always liked Wentworth. A lot of people don't realize he also played a minor part in the movie Underworld. But I LOVE him in Prison Break!


  3. Roland, I had never heard that info about Marlene Dietrich before. What integrity!Hope your day has been beautiful. Mine has been fun and strange and awe-inspiring…the typical day of a therapist.


  4. Hi Jen. I know Wentworth from your blog. πŸ™‚ I haven't seen Prison Break but keep hearing that it's good. I'm going to have to rent season one once I have free time. I have seen Underworld. It's one of my favorite movies.


  5. Cherie, sorry for my nonstop ogling of Wentworth. I'm sure it grows old! πŸ˜‰ Prison Break season one is incredible, if you want to try it. It's pretty dark in places, just to warn you.


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