Launch Party Tomorrow!

The anticipation is killing me! Tomorrow is the release of my YA romance Streamline, and I’m psyched for the Launch Party. Thank you to my co-hosts:

Carol Oates, Author
Cherie Colyer, Author
Please visit these lovely blogs to enter for prizes, including a swim cap and goggles. *snorts* I’ve converted at least one friend from a runner to a swimmer, and I intend to get even more of you into the pool, swimming laps.
Here is the last excerpt leading up to tomorrow’s release.
Audrey ran down several options for a quick meal, and they decided on spaghetti with meat sauce and a salad. As she and Leo cooked together, chatting amicably, she felt like a real adult, making dinner after a long day at work. She couldn’t wait to have a house with him one day when he was in the Navy. She couldn’t imagine spending her life with anyone else.
They scarfed down their food, and Audrey was again in awe of how much Leo ate. She wondered where he put it all, but such was the metabolism of a swimmer. He belched loudly, patting his stomach. 
“Classy.” She shook her head. “That was even louder than Elaine’s monster burps at practice today.”
“I have to get back in the pool. It’s been what, three days? I can’t remember ever being out of the water that long.”
“So then go to practice with me tomorrow.”
Leo shook his head, pointing to his swollen face. “Too many questions. I can’t go back till these cuts and bruises fade.”
“Hmm, that is a dilemma.” She thought for a moment. “I have an idea.” She explained quickly to Leo, who seemed impressed by her cleverness.
Audrey is one smart chick. Hope to see you at the PAR-TAY tomorrow!

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