In the Brig

Squee! Only a few more days until the release of Streamline on Tuesday 3-27-12.

Today’s excerpt features Audrey visiting her father, who’s in prison following his conviction for murdering a fellow Navy officer. It’s the night before her big state high school championship swim meet.

“Aren’t you studying Spanish anymore?” Audrey asked.
Her father averted his eyes. “They, um, they took the books away.”
He sighed and seemed to struggle for words. “It’s okay, Audrey girl. Please don’t worry about it. How’s your mother doing?”
Audrey pulled her cell phone from her purse. “I checked with the MP, and he said I could call Mom while I was here, so maybe we can all talk together this way.”
“That’s so thoughtful. Thank you.”
“No big deal, Dad.” She sat with a phone in each hand and grinned when her mother answered. “Hey, Mom. I’m here with Dad. We thought we’d call and say hi.”
“Wonderful!” her mother said. “How’s he doing? Oh, hey—make sure you get a good breakfast on Friday.”
Audrey rolled her eyes a second time. “Mom, Dad just went over race strategy, and now you’re giving me nutrition tips. I have a coach, you know.” 
“But you still need your parents,” her mother insisted. “Listen, I feel awful about this, honey, but they’re not giving me time off for your meet. I won’t be able to make it.”
Audrey swallowed. “That’s okay, Mom. I know you’d be there if you could.”
Sorry,” her father mouthed, catching her eye.
Her blinks came rapid-fire as she tried not to look at him. “So, um, Mom, how do you like the new hospital?”
Getting herself back under control, Audrey acted as a relay between her parents until her mother had to say goodbye. 
“I’ll be thinking about you every minute this weekend, Audrey girl,” her dad said. “Just do your best and have fun, okay?”
“Okay, Dad. I’ll be thinking about you too.”
OMG! I was looking for a photo of a female swimmer and came across this one of Inge de Bruijn, Olympic swimmer from The Netherlands. In Streamline, Leo and Audrey joke about swimmers being flexible, but this goes beyond the pale.

2 thoughts on “In the Brig”

  1. I agree about the painful look of that image, Lara. I was never that flexible but I've seen some of my teammates perform feats somewhat close to that. Thanks for stopping by the blog!


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