Shaving Party!

Today’s Streamline excerpt is a short one, from the chapter titled “Shaving Party!” One of swimming’s bizarre traditions is to “shave down” before the big meet at the end of the year. Smooth skin is more streamlined and less resistant in the water.

Shaving down is appropriate timing for me as I drive to Indianapolis today to watch my old college swim team race in the NCAA Division III Championships. I even shaved my legs for the occasion. Wish the Lords & Ladies luck!


Audrey emerged from the bathroom to stare at Leo’s newly shorn head. His face appeared almost gaunt, and his blue eyes popped with an even brighter intensity. He looked like a badass, which would come in handy trying to intimidate competitors behind the blocks. She smiled. “You said something about helping me shave?”
Leo’s eyes floated down her body, and she hoped her melon-colored suit showed off her suntan. He took a step toward her and cocked one eyebrow. “Yeah, you’re pretty hairy, so it’ll probably take two of us to do the job.”

That is just cruel, Leo.


I’ll post more soon about my book signing on Friday, May 11th in Columbus, Ohio. I’ll be signing copies of Streamline, With Good Behavior, and Bad Behavior from 5:30-8:00 p.m. at House Wine.

And now it’s time to bounce with the authors for the Omnific Blog Bounce!

9 thoughts on “Shaving Party!”

  1. Your blogs have given me a wonderful stroll down amnesia lane! I remember the carb loading so well. If we had an all day meet that we traveled to, the school bought pancakes for everyone that morning-quite a scary sight! I still love the sensory deprivation that comes with doing laps. It's very freeing mentally. Love that you included the shaving. I remember our guys would go all out at the end of the season. Those speedos got a lot smaller too ;). Thanks for making me smile and laugh this week. Think your book is going to be great!!


  2. Love the excerpt, Jennifer. Shaving, eh? Spring's coming here. What does that have to do with shaving? Well, as I bring out my summer dresses and shorts, I get out the razors too. Time to get rid of the winter 'coat'. LOL


  3. Sarah, I love bonding with another swimmer. The sport is very special, and I smiled writing every chapter as I walked down memory lane. My mom used to make me \”buckwheat\” pancakes the morning of a meet and they were pretty horrible in retrospect but how lovely of her to do that for me! Hooray for small speedos. *winks* I hope you enjoy the book.


  4. Awesome – another Wine Party! I wish I lived in Ohio. 😦 Leo *accompanied by dirty look*Go Lords & Ladies! That is the cutest name. :)I'm just bopping in today to give you reassurance that I've got my launch party post schedules for the 27th. Pre-congratulations on the big day & have soooo much fun!!


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