Blog Bounce

As we pounce and flounce on Thursday’s Blog Bounce, it’s time to alert you to a few events:

*TWO chances to win my books! I’m giving away With Good Behavior or Bad Behavior at:

1) Scroll down to the next post for the 500 Follower Giveaway or click HERE


2) Visit Megan’s BLOG Reading Away the Days to enter. (Both giveaways end 9/20/11)

* Readers, have you ever penned a thoroughly detailed book review, taking your valuable time to write a careful and thoughtful analysis of plot and characters? If so, I love you! As an author, I would LOVE to receive a review like my friend Belinda Kroll received for her novel Haunting Miss Trentwood. Check it out HERE. Reviewer Lazaraspate from the Dear Author BLOG wrote a fantastic review that is every author’s dream, especially if that author wants to improve her writing.

And now time for the bounce! Head over to Omnific Publishing’s Blog to become part of the Blog Bounce.

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