Haunting Miss Trentwood Book Launch!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Belinda Kroll, author of Haunting Miss Trentwood. It’s so cool to meet another author in Columbus, Ohio! Belinda’s hosting a Tea-Tasting book launch tonight, 10/27/10 from 6:30-8:30 at the Columbus Metropolitan Library. If you’re in the area, please stop by.

With Halloween approaching, it’s a perfectly ghoulish time for a Victorian ghost story.

The tea and cupcakes for the event provided by Sugar Inc sound absolutely delicious! There will be a pairing of a particular tea with each main character.

I love the idea of a book launch that showcases the themes of the novel. I hosted my first book signing at a wine shop, but maybe it would’ve been more appropriate to host it at a bar where we could’ve done tequila body-shots, like my characters Grant and Sophie. 🙂

I’m quite impressed that Belinda’s only in her mid twenties (I’m, er, a bit older than that) and Haunting Miss Trentwood is her second published novel! Wow! Plus, she’s friendly and smart.

Belinda Kroll and Jennifer Lane together at our favorite wine shop.

6 thoughts on “Haunting Miss Trentwood Book Launch!”

  1. It's so nice when you're able to meet up with other authors and pick their brains about what they write and why. I really like how you highlight different authors and bring them to the forefront so others can see how hard they toiled and the wonderful finished product in the end. Keep it up!


  2. *sighs* How am I supposed to show my face as a cyber-stalker when you're just HANDING me photographs?!? ;)YAY FOR COLUMBIANS!!!Haunting Miss Trenchwood sounds unike anything I've ever read before! I enjoy stories set in that time period… add ghosts?! 😮 What is Belinda's first novel about? Does it bear any relation to Haunting Miss T or are they worlds apart? (excuse the pun!)Now you have me wanting tea and cake! *isn't an alki like you* 😉


  3. Is that your blond hair hiding behind the wine dispensers? 😉 Or maybe you're like a ghost and you don't show up in photos when you're in stalking mode.Columbians rule! :DI look forward to reading Haunting Miss Trentwood. Sounds spooky! Her first novel is Catching the Rose, a YA romance I believe.Too bad you don't like to funnel like me. You're missing out, my dear. Thanks, Nix!


  4. niksnie,Catching the Rose is a young adult historical fiction set in the American civil war. It doesn't have any ghosts, but it does have a mysterious stranger who helps the fiesty/bubbly heroine, a semi-stalker, and more.Like Haunting Miss T, my quirkiness comes out in my writing. So the style is similar, maybe some of the themes are similar, but the topics are very different.So to address your pun, they are continents apart, but still on the same world. 🙂


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