Interview with Author Jennifer DeLucy

Today I’m interviewing author and sweetheart Jen DeLucy, whose second book in The Light Series is being released today by Omnific Publishing!

JL (Jennifer Lane): How did you get interested in writing paranormal romance?

JD (Jennifer DeLucy): Well, I’m a lover of all things supernatural and inexplicable, and I believe in otherworldy phenomena quite firmly. I also think that this life is filled with more mystery and magic than we realize, so, why not explore every idea? Plus, we all need a place to escape to that can inspire us and leave us feeling alive. Books do that for me, and I’m grateful for the chance to share the experience with others.

JL: The sequel to Seers of Light, Whisper of Light, launches TODAY 10/26/10!

Tell us about Whisper.

JD: Whisper of Light pretty much picks up where Seers left off. Notice I say “pretty much”, because the book utlizes a minor time overlap in order to connect both stories and show how these lives are all linked together.

The novel centers around the character of Nicole Abbot, a non-Sentient (meaning that her soul is not as advanced as the Sentients around her, and so she does not have supernatural gifts). The readers will see a major character from Seers of Light (Christian Wright) carried over to Whisper, which was very purposeful. The theme of this series is the interconnectedness of all our lives, and how, when we do brave things, act from love and don’t give up hope, we’ll find our destiny.

JL: How did you choose to write a sequel? Did you know this would be a series all along?

JD: I did know this would be a series all along, although, for a while I wasn’t certain who the second book would be about. It didn’t take too long to realize that Christian’s story needed continuing, though, and that Nicole Abbot was a name-drop from book one that needed expanding upon. I was too in love with the world to give it up quite yet.

JL: What was your process in writing a sequel? How did it compare to writing the original?

JD: Ooooh, the process was definitely more challenging for the second book! The main reason being that I had to tie in plot issues and consider how it would all impact book three. I also dealt with darker, more human themes in this book — more angst, more struggles for the main character. Seers of Light had been a cake walk, because I was just discovering as I went, but Whisper pulled in elements of foresight and planning that I did not have to use so much in the first book. It’s also more of a challenge to keep things fresh in a supernatural world. I tried to keep things open and flexible, but I had a loose outline, as well. All in all, Whisper of Light taught me a lot of lessons that I needed to learn as an author and a person.

JL: Any advice for authors who are writing a series?

JD: The same thing I tell any hopeful author. Don’t micromanage things so closely that you leave no room to be surprised. I find that the best and most fulfilling resolutions and plot twists come out of sudden inspiration to the author. Keeping things fresh will hold your interest in your own story and encourage you to keep writing.

JL: What are your plans for The Light Series?

JD: I am currently writing book three, which will take the reader back to the group from book one and really bring things full circle. From there on, who knows? I’ll likely write something different after that, but I could never rule out more Light Series books.

Thank you, Jen! Now get out there and buy Whispers of Light!

4 thoughts on “Interview with Author Jennifer DeLucy”

  1. Lovely interview! Thanks to both of you. I can only imagine how difficult it was to tie in plot elements. Tough work!Thank you for dropping by. I'm happy to follow you…you've got a cool blog with some cool stuff!


  2. I plan to win Whispers shortly! If you're very good, I'll get them to send it to you and I'll buy the ebooks. :)There's going to be a third book in the series? That DOES require some thoughtful planning… it's great with tidbits from previous books in a series fall into place later on!


  3. *jumps up and down* I'll be good! I'll be good! *wants Whisper*I have some ideas for a third book (what should I call it, the Naughty Behavior series? LOL) but I haven't exactly planned it out while writing the first two–ideas for the natural continuation came after the fact.


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