Blocked Excerpt #NA #Volleyball #Romance

Only two weeks till the release of Blocked on 10-21-14.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 3:

“Ladies!” Coach boomed as he stormed away from the men’s coach. “We’re taking over the gym. We’ve got priority here. Madison, get us started on warm-up.”

Maddie ran to the net, and when my teammates followed her, I jogged over too. I snuck a glance at Dane to find him positively murdering me with those eyes. Oops. He was mad at me again? How was it my fault our practice times got messed up?

A male voice boomed, “Hold it!” and I halted mid-step. I turned to see Dane point at the gym floor in front of me a second before he loped over, clutching his towel. Would he strangle me with it? My eyes darted to Allison at the sideline, but my Secret Service agent didn’t seem to be on alert. I braced myself as he neared, but my fear turned to surprise when he dropped to the floor and wiped it with his towel.

“Close your mouth, Ramirez,” he said as he popped back up and stood inches from me. How does he smell so yummy despite his soaked shirt? It was a manly scent, tinged with some sort of aftershave. “I sweat like a cow.” His angular body towered over me. Not a bovine in sight.

His eyebrows knitted together as I stared up at him. His eyes were so pretty, so deep. “I didn’t want you to fall and break your ankle,” he continued. “At least not because of me.” His insult barely registered over the blood rushing in my ears. When I continued to stand mute in his presence, his head tilted. “I know you can speak…” One corner of his mouth perked up. “You’re not going to call me bitch again, are you?”

When I finally wrestled my gaze from his face, I noticed everyone in the gym watching us. I tried to swallow, but my throat was dry.

Thanks, Dane,” Maddie said as she gestured for me to join the team for warm-ups. She turned around, jumped to block at one end of the net, shuffled over a few steps, and jumped again. She had an awesome vertical leap, and I watched Nina and the other teammates follow her lead.

I looked back at Dane. Say something, idiota. “I don’t know…do you deserve to be called bitch again?” I backpedaled toward the net so he wouldn’t get me in trouble with Coach this time.

“I deserve only kindness and affection.” He smirked.

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