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Writing Inspiration #IWSG

Join us for the monthly IWSG created by Alex Cavanaugh

Muchas gracias to this month’s co-hosts Joylene Nowell Butler, Ronel Janse van Vuuren, Meka James, Diane Burton, Victoria Marie Lees, and M Louise Barbour!

May 3 question – When you are working on a story, what inspires you?

One reason I became a psychologist is that people fascinate me. How do our childhoods affect us? Why do we engage in behaviors that end up hurting us? How can we rise above past wounds to become the best versions of ourselves?

I feel the same way about the characters I write. The challenge of developing rich characters with flaws, fears, and triumphs truly inspires me.

I also feel inspired by…

  • song lyrics (mostly I pay more attention to the melody, but sometimes I hear lyrics that summarize my plot or character conflicts perfectly)
  • books, TV shows, or movies that engage me or make me laugh and cry (The Chain, The Golden Couple, Ted Lasso, Friday Night Lights, Prison Break, Top Gun Maverick)
  • funny / weird things people say (I recently heard the term “big dick energy” and just have to use that in my next book)
  • taking walks while listening to music lets my writer mind wander in all directions plot and character (but lately I’ve listened to audiobooks on my walks…and I haven’t written anything…hmm)
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6 thoughts on “Writing Inspiration #IWSG”

  1. My need to be a writer and write has also led to a fascination with psychology. The study of every human is a must to understand the structure of a story. Good point, Jennifer. And Happy IWSG Day.


  2. I bet training as a psychologist is super helpful for creating characters and their motivations.

    The term “big dick energy” reminds me of an Arizona politician I despise, which ruins it for me. It sucks when nasty people adopt otherwise useful phrases 🙂


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