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#IWSG Publishing Changes and KITTIES!

Thank you to Alex Cavanaugh for convening the monthly IWSG, where we share our neuroses to help us feel less alone.


The awesome co-hosts for the July 1 posting of the IWSG are Jenni Enzor, Beth Camp, Liesbet, Tyrean Martinson, and Sandra Cox!

July 1 question: There have been many industry changes in the last decade, so what are some changes you would like to see happen in the next decade?

I rarely follow publishing trends but I did find some predictions in this article. Self-publishing is already flooded, and all the writers pumping out words during quarantine will drown the market. I can’t wait to read the brilliant creations!

The demand for screenplays will likely increase given all of the streaming services. I hope to learn more about writing screenplays.

For those of you with a work in progress during COVID-19, are you altering your story to include the pandemic? I’m not. I believe many readers want an escape from this dreary reality.

Speaking of WIPs, mine is plodding along, up to 62K words out of about 80K. How’s your WIP?

My biggest excitement this month is KITTIES! I adopt two kittens tomorrow, a brother and sister. It’s been five years since my cat, Izzie, crossed over the rainbow bridge, and I’m finally ready.

I fell in love with tuxedo cats when author Jayne Rylon posted photos of her foster kittens on Facebook. Did you know tuxedo cats are smarter than other color patterns? So, I’m adopting a male tuxedo cat and his sister.


I’m thinking of the names Tux and Tessa. Got any fun bro/sis cat names to suggest? Whatever their names, I’m sure they’ll be excellent writing companions.


12 thoughts on “#IWSG Publishing Changes and KITTIES!”

  1. Your new kitties are so cute! And I like your names. I’m glad your writing is going well. I’m starting to make progress too.

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  2. Those are cute kitties! My kitty is 19 years old and I don’t think we’ll be getting another after he passes. I’ve developed a terrible allergy over the years to the point I can’t even be in the same room as him.☹️

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  3. I’m definitely not altering my works-in-progress to include the pandemic. I’ve seen this question a lot. Books are an escape, and, hopefully, this pandemic won’t last forever.

    Cute kitties!

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  4. I never do tie my stories to any exact time via “real world” news, so at this point, anyway, COVID is staying where it was when I drafted the latest novel–i.e., nowhere in sight 🙂

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