#IWSG WordPress Woes

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The courageous co-hosts for the February 5 posting of the IWSG are Lee Lowery, Ronel Janse van Vuuren, Jennifer Hawes, Cathrina Constantine, and Tyrean Martinson! Thank you, co-hosts.

I recently switched my site from blogger to wordpress, and it’s more stressful than I anticipated. Wasn’t it much easier to write wordpress posts in the past? A web designer is going to help me, and she told me that wordpress recently changed their posting format.

Why you so difficult, computer?

I’m also struggling with a theme for my site. I chose Arcana because I like having two columns, but I don’t even know how to edit the font color in the cover image.

For those of you who use wordpress, any tips for me? I’m already starting to become more familiar with the block editor, so hopefully I’ll bitch less in the future! At least commenting on my blog will be easier now if you’re on an Apple computer. (I’ve had trouble commenting on Blogger from my MacBook.)

Happy Valentine’s Day and Single’s Awareness Day, writers!

15 thoughts on “#IWSG WordPress Woes”

  1. I struggled at first when WordPress switched to the block editor, but now I’m getting more used to it. Now that my new blog is on WordPress and I’ve had a chance to compare to Blogger, I definitely like WordPress more.

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    1. When did they switch, Ellen? Good to hear you’re feeling more familiar with the block editor. I think my initial freak out was premature–it was just an adjustment to a new format. But I am still struggling with the theme issue. Hopefully I will grow to like wordpress more, like you.

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  2. Oh, my. My website is in WordPress, and yes it WAS fairly simple to work with back when I set it up, which was in 2016. Ug. I know I need to get back in there to update some things…and may come crying to you when I do!

    P.S. That contest over at Twilighted was in 2008.

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  3. Yeah, WordPress changed the formatting last fall-ish and it SUCKS. The old version was so easy to use. Frequently I have to go in and convert to the old version (which requires going through the html view) to get it to do what I want. I am not a happy camper.AND the theme choice is way less attractive than before. Seems to be a move to covertly push ‘pro’ versions templates (read=paid versions) in order to get much flexibility. I’m pretty handy with html, so I’ve resisted thus far. Did I mention how NOT happy I am with them?

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    1. Well, that is validating and sucky, Lee. I wonder if I would’ve switched to wordpress had I known about these disturbing changes. The pro versions are way over my skill set, as I mostly only write blog posts. Do you have trouble posting pre-written HTML? I am also having trouble previewing my posts. I have to exit the post, find it on the list of posts, then preview it there. ARG. Good luck to us both!


      1. I do not have any trouble when I switch over to “Classic” once I remove the paragraph formatting. It’s just a pain in the ass. You have to do each block separately. You find it in the menu section (three vertical dots right of the settings icon) where you switch from visual editor to code editor. Also, you should have a preview button in the upper right hand side of the screen, between the ‘save draft’ button and the ‘publish’ button.

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      2. I’ll look out for the classic mode–thanks, Lee. I see the preview button, but when I click on it, I get an error message of “blog post can’t be found” or something like that. I’m probably doing something wrong.


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