#IWSG Bounce Back

Thanks to Alex Cavanaugh and this month’s co-hosts:
Gwen Gardner, Doreen McGettigan, Tyrean Martinson,Chemist Ken, and Cathrina Constantine!

I really enjoyed the IWSG Newsletter this month, featuring some great advice…

Just Take a Walk 

“What do you do when you hit a wall with your writing? When the words just come out wonky? Or you realized you haven’t written a word in two weeks and you find the blank page daunting?
You could take a walk. It’s a tried and true way to break your mind free of distractions and worries.”

Thanks, Tyrean! I agree that walking (and other exercise) unlocks our creativity.

Instead of answering this month’s question, I ask for your support. I’m going through a tough time on the day job, feeling mired in rejection and poor communication from my bosses. I pour my heart into my career, so recent work events have cut deep. As a psychologist, I know we all endure hard times, and I want to practice what I preach by responding with resilience.

Image by alan9187 from Pixabay

How do YOU bounce back from setbacks in writing or in other areas of your life? What are your tips for growing from pain?

15 thoughts on “#IWSG Bounce Back”

  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through a tough patch 😦 I wish I had an easy answer as to how to bounce back. We always do, but sometimes it takes longer than we'd like. Lately, I've found reflecting on all that I have helps. My life can't be all that bad, after all I have food in my belly, shelter over my head and friends and family.Take care. Keeping you in my thoughts.


  2. So sorry that you are having a hard time at your job. It is so hard not to be appreciated and have a difficult time with your bosses. I hope that things get better. They often do over time, but it can be challenging to get to the other side of the tunnel. Maybe focusing more on your own writing and that part of your career can help.


  3. I am often very hard on myself in general, even harder when \”stuff\” happens. Treating myself with more kindness, like I would a friend, has helped me step back and view the situation differently. I wish you patience and strength. Hang in there!


  4. All I can offer in support is to let you know that we all have terrible bosses. It's part of life. Complaining about your manager is part of the job description. Your boss probably complains about their boss, too. Sometimes I think it's part of every boss's job description to be difficult to their employees, too (actually, having worked as a manager for a big corporation in the past, I can safely tell you that it's not far from the truth).


  5. I bet the take a walk thing can help you with work frustrations too – not that it'll solve them, but if you find a peaceful place to go for a nice long walk and set your mind free of distractions, maybe answers will come to you on how to deal with your (jerk-face) bosses. It sucks that things are cutting deep so early in the school yer. You know your value, and you put your clients first – which is exactly what you should do. If your current workplace continues to cause you more anxiety than satisfaction, you shouldn't feel guilty if you decide to explore other professional opportunities at places that will value your talents and professional ethics.


  6. Alex, my passions have definitely been rub wrong–well said.Natalie, good advice to focus on writing. I am working on a new novel (at a slower pace) and enjoying the diversion. Yes, feeling unappreciated sucks! But I agree that things typically get better over time.Madeline, I'm hard on myself, too. A similar struggle happened at my work 12 years ago, and I'm fortunate that I've matured over those years to take things less personally and to try to be more compassionate. But I want to continue to get closer to treating myself like a friend.


  7. C.D., I think it's tough being a manager, and it's tough communicating well. So I agree with you that I'm not alone in this struggle. I'm thinking of the Peter Principle: \”In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.\” Accurate!Chrys, too bad we don't live closer to each other or we could go for a walk together and brainstorm plots!Anna, good idea. I especially like writing when I'm angry. Many F bombs fill the page. ;-)Bev, walking is so great for that, you're right. I love to exercise when I'm stressed. Yes, if I stop enjoying my work then I will look elsewhere. I have a plan in place after meeting with a financial advisor!Thank you to the support group for your awesome wisdom!


  8. Walking is definitely my go to whenever I'm stressed or stuck in my writing or in life in general.I'm so sorry to hear you are having a tough time at work. That surely can weigh heavy and cause anxiety. I hope it all works itself out without too much drama.Just keep doing the right thing and try to stay positive.


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