#IWSG The Power of Language and New Anthology

Ho hey, it’s MAY! My favorite season of summer is upon us, and I can’t wait to swim in the sunshine and absorb vitamin D.

Just yesterday, Dancing Lemur Press released the latest IWSG anthology, Masquerade: Oddly Suited. I’m delighted to join nine authors penning short stories. Check out all of the blogs to read blurbs and learn more about these diverse, engaging characters!

Myles Christensen www.myleschristensen.com

Thanks to Alex Cavanaugh for starting this awesome support group. Sign up HERE.

IWSG Day Question:
What was an early experience where you learned that language had power? 

Wow, this question provokes thought. One time that stands out for me is when I learned to be a therapist in grad school. I remember my supervisors teaching me the importance of language for accurate listening and building rapport with my clients. I learned to use the same words as my clients–if they say, “That pissed me off!” then I reply, “You were pissed off.” But I also developed the skill of listening to the unsaid words, empathizing with something like, “Underneath your anger is a deep sense of hurt.”

Thank you to the awesome co-hosts for the May 1 posting of the IWSG:

Lee Lowery, Juneta Key, Yvonne Ventresca, and T. Powell Coltrin 

19 thoughts on “#IWSG The Power of Language and New Anthology”

  1. Mirroring is a great way of letting the other person feel they are being accurately heard, isn't it? Congrats on being in the anthology! As both a former teacher and counselor, I learned early on how important language and the right words were. Your latest novel looks intriguing.


  2. I trained as a developmental coach and we focused a lot on the power of words. Working in organizational development, I really learned about how important it was to choose my own words carefully and listen carefully to the ones others used.


  3. Alex, maybe? But of course I have needed to learn a LOT about writing to try to get better.Roland, yes! Mirroring is so powerful. I wish more of us knew how to use it. Thank you! Do you miss your teaching and counseling days?Hi, Ellen! I can imagine language is very important on a sailboat as well!


  4. Listening and understanding is so important in a conversation. Someone told me God gave us TWO ears for listening and only one mouth for talking! Congrats on the anthology!!JQ Rose


  5. Congrats on your inclusion in the anthology! I can't wait to read all the delicious stories of our talented authors.Great example for communication. Even though we may be speaking the same language, people don't always hear the same thing. Nothing annoys me more than for someone to reinterpret something I've said with words that don't convey the same meaning. (So what you're really saying is . . .)


  6. Yes, your words are definitely important when you're a therapist. That was true for me too as an attorney.Congrats on the anthology. I will offer it as a choice in my next book hop giveaway this month.


  7. I remember being told to repeat back words used by people I was counselling too. This was when i was doing teacher training. It’s good advice, actually, developing a rapport between the two of you.


  8. I can see how language is important for a job like being a therapist. I used to want to be a therapist, before life threw some obstacles in my way that led me away from that.


  9. It's so important to acknowledge what you hear. I can imagine that really helps, not only as a therapist, but in every day life!


  10. I'm betting there are many people who have benefited from your kind and wise support. I'm wondering if there should be similar programs in high school curriculum that would help kids and people be better communicators. And better listeners, too. Blessings, Jen.


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