#IWSG Bodies in the Boatyard by @Ellen__Jacobson 5 Star Review #cozymystery

Happy Holidays, writers! Time for the Insecure Writers Support Group, hosted by Alex Cavanaugh.

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Fall is my busiest time at work so I’ve focused more on my day job than on writing lately. But, I did submit a short story for consideration in an anthology, and I applied for a writing festival.

I’d like to share my review for fellow IWSG author’s latest release, Bodies in the Boatyard. Congratulations to Ellen Jacobson for her engaging cozy mystery series!

Bodies in the Boatyard (A Mollie McGhie Cozy Sailing Mystery #2)Bodies in the Boatyard by Ellen Jacobson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Panda Bear on the Case

I continue to enjoy the integration of murder mystery, sailing science, chocolate cravings, and frisky felines in the Mollie McGhie series, which takes place in a small Florida boating community.

In book two, Mollie’s husband, Scooter, has moved on from calling her Sweet Potato to Panda Bear, and Mollie appreciates not being referred to as a root vegetable anymore. Their dilapidated boat has sprung a leak, so she gets hauled to the boatyard for repairs.

Conflict among Mollie’s Coconut Cove neighbors, along with an illegal poaching ring, lead to dead bodies piling up. Who finds these bodies? Mollie, of course–much to the consternation of the police chief. If Mollie weren’t so cute and good-hearted, she might get in trouble for her meddling! She is also lucky to have a feline mini-sleuth at her side, the adorable Mrs. Moto, to help her solve crimes.

I like clever boat names like The Codfather, and Mollie’s incessant sweet tooth that never stops scheming for sugar. There are also some fun jabs at extreme environmentalists who seem to value the environment more than human life.

I look forward to book three in the series!

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11 thoughts on “#IWSG Bodies in the Boatyard by @Ellen__Jacobson 5 Star Review #cozymystery”

  1. Hi Alex, yes, Ellen is rocking it out!Julie, thank you. I'm crossing my fingers for both.Hi Natalie, the writing has really slowed down but I suppose there's an ebb and flow in all we do. Feather! Good to hear from you, Judy. Seems like not many of the old gang are still writing. How are you doing? I've seen a few of your Facebook posts. I hope you have integrated the big losses in your life and are finding a meaningful path forward.


  2. I loved the first book in Ellen's series, and am looking forward to this one. I'm probably one of those environmentalists, because I think there's already too many people on the planet, 🙂 but I'll happily read it anyway.You have some intriguing covers. I used to play provincial volleyball, but can't say any of the dudes on the guys' team looked like that.


  3. Tonya, I'm glad you have read Ellen's books!JH, I don't want to spoil the plot so we'll see what you think of one particular environmentalist after you read it. 😉 Hooray for another volleyball aficionado! It's such a fun sport. But yeah, I didn't meet Abs, Abs, Abs when I played, either.


  4. I've heard of that series – it sounds adorable. Sorry to have gone MIA for so long! I miss my crit partner and the IWSG. I have high hopes of reconnecting with both during 2019. Actually sitting down to write right now…then I thought, how can I procrastinate a bit longer…hehe.


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