#IWSG Where the Book Has No Name

Happy June to all writers! Join us for our monthly support group at Alex J Cavanaugh’s BLOG.

I’m about halfway through my romantic suspense WIP, Twin Sacrifice. It’s a crime drama involving twin brothers. My sister says she doesn’t like the title. What’s your honest reaction to “Twin Sacrifice”?

This past weekend was so fun. Attending a U2 concert has been on my bucket list since The Joshua Tree released when I was a teenager, and I finally got to go!!! I saw U2 at Soldier Field with my editor Jessica, and wrote with my critique partner Bev the next day, all in the great city of Chicago. Check out my Facebook video of the spellbinding introduction to Where the Streets Have No Name HERE.

Question of the month: Did you ever say “I quit”? If so, what happened to make you come back to writing?

I started this writing thing in 2007, and I haven’t stopped yet. Writing has been the outlet I never knew I needed, and I’ve met such lovely (and crazy) people. But after I publish my WIP, I might take a break since I don’t have an idea for a new book brewing.

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10 thoughts on “#IWSG Where the Book Has No Name”

  1. LOVE this post title! As you know, I suck at book titles, so I'll be no help there. That video gives me chills!!It was so fun seeing you last weekend. Safe travels to you on your next trip. Cheers!


  2. I adore U2 and loved your videos you shared. I saw them in 2005 and it was awesome. I've loved them since I was a teenager too – another 80s girl here!Fantastic post title and I'm so glad you had such a good time.


  3. The title is good, but I think you can come up with one that's even better. As one who struggles with titles, though, I feel your pain. It's so challenging to think of amazing ones!That's cool to hear U2 is still going strong, and that you got to see them. I saw them on their lemon tour, which is getting to be a long time ago.Have a great month!


  4. I'm a little sad I missed that epic U2 concert last weekend. The Joshua Tree is one of my favorites of all time. I've seen U2 before and am not a huge fan of stadium tours, so I opted out. I can imagine it was amazing!Twin Sacrifice sounds a little more horror to me. When I get stuck for titles I skim Goodreads at similar genre books and brainstorm lists of words. It took me weeks to come up with the very simple Sunset Summer for one of my drafts. It fit the book perfectly! My book that actually got published the title came from my critique partner.https://www.facebook.com/groups/Instagram4Authors/


  5. Whoops – that Instagram for Authors link was meant for someone else, sorry! Though you are free to join that if you use Instagram and want to chat with other authors about it.


  6. Have fun editing your story. I don't mind Twin Sacrifice as a title. Before you know it, you'll probably get another story idea and won't need to take a break.Keep smiling,Yawatta


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