#IWSG: Impatience!

Welcome to November’s Insecure Writers Support Group, where we share insecurities and bolster confidence. Join us at Alex Cavanaugh’s blog HERE.

How goes the writing battle?

My struggle recently has been my impatience. I have a new release ACED (Blocked #2) on 12-2-15. I wanted to get the ARC out to readers earlier, but life doesn’t always cooperate.

Fortunately my awesome editor and book designer kicked into overdrive and the ARC is now ready. (Contact me if you’re interested in a copy!) And we were able to get an excerpt from the third book in the series (SPIKED) at the end, happily.

Some things were out of my control but I tried to communicate as best I could to resolve misunderstandings that delayed the process, and that seemed to help.

What helps you deal with the waiting game?

7 thoughts on “#IWSG: Impatience!”

  1. Dealing with the waiting game? Tough one. There's always shopping. My friend, another writer, calls and says it's time to go to Winners. Often we don't buy anything but the point was to divert our attention away from the nigglies. My house gets really clean when I'm frustrated. However, the greatest antidote is going for a long, brisk walk with my dogs. The outdoors' ambiance and my happy doggy faces puts everything into perspective. What is really important. Being in the moment, feeling alive and loving it.


  2. I work on another project: researching, brain-storming possible plot developments. I exercise more, walking, weight routines. Waiting is never easy. We have to learn to be patient or we become one, right? 🙂


  3. I often think the whole reason I was led to this writing thing was for extra practice in patience. It's so hard when things are out of your control. But you are moving at an excellent clip, Mizz Lane!


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