Freedom to Read #Giveaway Hop #Books

Time for the Freedom to Read Giveaway Hop hosted by Bookhounds and I Am a Reader.

*sings* I’m free, to read what I want, any old time.

I’m giving away an ebook of my patriotic college volleyball romance BLOCKED (featuring presidential candidates’ offspring) and a $10 Amazon gift card.

BLOCKED now features an excerpt from the sequel ACED, which will launch in late 2015. Enter on the Rafflecopter.

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70 thoughts on “Freedom to Read #Giveaway Hop #Books”

  1. Sports is a great theme for romance stories. I happen to be an avid sports watcher…football, basketball, baseball, tennis, NASCAR, some golf but hockey isn't popular


  2. I enjoy them as long as the actual sports stuff is more background than a big part of the main story. I read one book labeled romance that spent 80% of the book with the male main character at work. Talking about drills and stuff. Blech.


  3. I've only read one football one and it was OK. Up to this point I've focused on shifters, cowboys, MC, and Rock Star.


  4. I love sports, but I'm not a big fan of stories based primarily on romance. I'm a bigger fan of romantic suspense. I suppose this is because I prefer stories that are less focused on romance.


  5. Well depends on the sport, football or ice skating, or swimming would be fun or one on the Olympic , but I really think if I can enjoy the read and make connections, I would enjoy it


  6. I have read some amazing sport stories that revolve around romance, suspense and other major book genres. One of my most recent favorites is Girl Underwater by Claire Kells. The H/h were collegiate swimmers that are involved in a plane crash and the aftermath.


  7. I enjoy the fun bantering that the sports characters usually have with each other. It's fun being \”in the locker room\”, figuratively, lol.


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