#IWSG Reaping the Rewards of Our Hard Work

Writer Support Group Time! Thanks to our host Alex Cavanaugh.

So much of what we do consists of long, drawn-out, plodding hard work — writing each chapter, editing, developing a timeline, editing, creating layered characters, editing, consulting with critique partners, editing, conducting research, editing…

Once in a while we get to launch our babies out into the world, and that time is nearing for me.

I’m excited that August is the time to PARTY! 

August 19th, Omnific Publishing launches a box set of my romantic suspense trilogy The Conduct Series.

And then on August 25, Julie from AToMR Tours hosts a cover reveal for my college volleyball romance Blocked. Here’s one image that’s inspired me:

Sign ups for Blocked’s cover reveal, release blitz, and review tour are HERE. Please join me if you’d like to be part of my long-awaited release party!

Whatever part of the process you’re experiencing, I wish you inspiration and creativity.

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