Grown-Ass Men, Feelings, and #IWSG

Happy Insecure Writers Support Group, hosted by author Alex J Cavanaugh!

“The mind of a writer can be a truly terrifying thing. Isolated, neurotic, caffeine-addled, crippled by procrastination, consumed by feelings of panic, self-loathing, and soul-crushing inadequacy. And that’s on a good day.”

~Robert DeNiro at The Oscars

I think that’s the new IWSG rally cry, ha ha. How’s your writing coming along? I’m plodding through my WIP Blocked, though I just sent the hero and heroine to therapy so it should be smooth sailing now!

My awesome critique partner Nicki Elson has been oh so helpful, and she’s also hosting a fun blog tour next week: The Grown-Ass Man Tour. Are you a fan of a grown-ass man?

We’ll give away a $50 Kindle gift card and post about the adult men we love to write. YA and NA boys are nice, but this tour is about MEN. Grown-ass men. My post will be “Grown-Ass Men Have Feelings Too“, celebrating beta hero Grant Madsen from The Conduct Series.

Thanks for stopping by today, and come back next week to win some prizes!

14 thoughts on “Grown-Ass Men, Feelings, and #IWSG”

  1. Once again, DeNiro nails it. Over time I'm noticing all of those emotions are starting to melt into a dull sense of caffeine-sustained wakefulness and a persistent notion that the deadlines will never stop coming at light speed. At least that's where I'm at now. Interesting blog tour 🙂


  2. DeNiro I believe speaks for all in the creative end of the arts — but writers especially.Alex is right: that is one unique name for a blog tour.Men remain children all their days internally. Perhaps both sexes do if they are not careful!


  3. Wonderful post, Jen. Can I say, \”It's gonna be a party!\” Thank you to Nicki Elson for coming up with this terrific idea, and her talents in producing the graphics and kkeeping us Omnific authors in line.


  4. Alex, that's the wonderfully creative Nicki Elson for you.Roland, it's a good thing to be childish at heart, for both genders!Feather, I'm quite excited for next week, and quite impressed by the banners as well.


  5. Cherie, I've been busy with my psycho career but feel like I've been neglecting my blog. Robert DeNiro is a wise man!Nana, his delivery was spot on. We writers are a miserable lot ha ha.Cathrina, I like your name! I wonder if DeNiro has ever written anything?Pat Cat in the Hatt, I thought it so kind, a comment of yours to find (okay I'm lame at rhyming)


  6. Did DeNiro say that at this Oscars? It's brilliant, and yes, so perfect for the IWSG!Thanks for giving the tour a mentioni. We're live on the Omnific blog w/ Rafflecopter just waiting to open. :DIt is my extreme pleasure to be your crit partner.


  7. DeNiro, what a guy. I knew I liked him for a reason. As for grown-ass men, I raised a few, so I gotta say they're still boys to their mother. But I can see where you ladies would see them otherwise. LOL. Sounds like a fun time. I'll be back.


  8. Nicki, DeNiro was introducing best screenplay, as I recall, and what a perfect intro! Looks good over on the Omni blog!Joylene, your boys will always be boys to you but you're right we lustful authors might see them as MEN…grown-ass men!


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