#IWSG: Political Differences in Love

Happy 2014 to all Insecure Writers! Thanks to Alex Cavanaugh for joining us together. (Check out more HERE).

Do you wish you could write faster? I do! I’m about 1/3 done with my work-in-progress, a New Adult volleyball romance titled Blocked.

The story features the daughter of the Republican nominee for president and the son of the Democratic nominee for president. They both play varsity volleyball at a Midwestern university, and naturally, they hate each other. They think the opposing political viewpoint is idiotic and hurtful.

Ah, but that’s where the fun begins. Can love bloom among such differences?

There’s a new book launching by a famous cross-political couple Mary Matalin and James Carville:

So I guess they can make it work! I watched an interview with the couple, and when asked how she tolerates her husband’s liberal politics, Mary Matalin said “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” Then she kissed his bald head!

In your writing, do you explore politics? Do you post political views on social networks? If you write romance, do you enjoy writing aspects of forbidden love?

11 thoughts on “#IWSG: Political Differences in Love”

  1. Hey, great post you whipped out here. I definitely love the idea of a forbidden romance. Politics probably subliminally make it into my writing, because I do have strong views…which is why I try not to be too vocal about them on the social networks, though I sometimes just can't contain myself. Abortion is the one thing I refuse to keep my mouth shut about.


  2. Forbidden Romance produced the duo we most think about when we mention \”Love\”: Romeo and Juliet!In my fantasy series, I have an independent Texican married to a regal Empress. In the \”mid-life\” marriage crisis novel (still being drafted) , his actions against Japanese troops in what has been called the \”Rape of Nanjung\” shattered their marriage for the War years until, unknown to her, he is at ground zero at Hiroshima, trying to save as many children as he can from the approaching bomb. It was never about race for McCord, only about helpless children.But then, it is too late for her to say one last goodbye.I am such a romantic.


  3. I wish I could write faster too! That would be awesome.I have to say your story sounds fascinating. I know relationships like that exist- and I find it fascinating. I write MG, so I don't include politics in my books. Thanks for sharing and happy writing. ~Jess


  4. Nicki, I have to hold myself back on social networks or I won't have any friends left, ha ha.Alex, I'm surprised you're a slow typist given that you seem to be online commenting and supporting all day long!


  5. Roland, glad to hear you're writing a novel with romantic elements! The internment was quite a mess. Have you read \”The Corner of Bitter and Sweet\”? It might be relevant to your story.


  6. DMS, I bet most middle grade age kids hold similar political beliefs as their parents. Of course, many adults hold similar beliefs to their parents! One fun thing is to challenge my hero and heroine with situations that make them examine their beliefs.Hey Leanne, many thanks for stopping by! The next day SUCKS after an all-nighter but a good book is worth it!


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