Insecure Writers Support Group: Politics

I HOPE the Presidential election has been decided by the time this post goes live. The last thing we need in America is more hanging chads!

Today I want to talk about political beliefs and the extent to which you share them.

I live in Ohio, the state that COULD DECIDE THE ELECTION dun dun dun. I’d much rather frolic on the beach than listen to the endless political commercials.

But I am passionate about politics. I have strong opinions about who I want to win this election. Yet I stifle myself from sharing my political views in both careers as a psychologist and author (psycho author). Why?

1. Therapy is about the client, not the therapist. My political views don’t really matter. The only times I self-disclose are when those disclosures could benefit the client, and my opinion about politics probably isn’t central to our therapy goals. So I listen, nod with understanding, and sometimes *grr* inside.

2. Marketing my books is not about me spouting political beliefs, mostly because I don’t want to alienate half of my readership or author buddies. I believe our personal philosophies shine through in our work, but I don’t want to be too overt about it. Frankly, I’ve hidden quite a few Facebook friends who post their political agenda non-stop.

Thank goodness my swimming buddy Eric and I vent about politics all the time, or I’d explode!

Authors: How passionate are YOU about politics? To what extent do you share your views? Why?

And now to continue with “The Next Best Thing”. Author Darcia Helle challenged me to answer questions about my work in progress On Best Behavior (The Conduct Series #3).

* How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

I started writing On Best Behavior about a year ago and I’m still not done (though at 84,000 words I’m getting closer to the finish!) However, in the past year I completed a HUGE edit on my YA novel Streamline, which launched in March, 2012. I also tend to edit as I go, extending the first draft time-frame.

* What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

The genre is romantic suspense. I’ve received reader comments about how unique this series is, so it’s hard to compare it to other stories. Maybe the Black Ops, Inc. series by Cindy Gerard? But her heroes are more alpha than Grant Madsen. I don’t know many books featuring a psychologist heroine either. If you do, please tell me.

To those of you doing NaNo, best of luck to you! And to the rest of us, keep trucking.

12 thoughts on “Insecure Writers Support Group: Politics”

  1. If we were having a private discussion I would discuss politics but not on FB, (although I did post today that I'd voted) twitter, or my blog. Although, I have slipped and posted my opinion — quickly erased it too!Not worth the hassle, unless you write a political blog, then hey state your point of view and I'll comment!I'm just glad it's over.


  2. That FB cartoon is hilarious! I'm like you in that mostly I save political discussion for like-minded people close to me because people are so sensitive about their politics and I don't want to let strangers in Washington ruin my relationships. As far as the author persona, I figure no one really cares what Nicki thinks regarding politics. I did, however go noir today on both my personal and author FB pages, and I'm contemplating a Tweet that ends with #letmesulkforaday…please, but we'll see.


  3. Nicki, most of my friends think differently from me and they are still great friends but I don't feel safe to share my views with them. I hate arguing about politics–I get anxious when I argue about anything. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. I'm like you and Nicki when it comes to politics, and the FB picture you have is so true. I'm enjoying your Next Big Thing updates. 84,000-words is great! I'm looking forward to book three. No pressure 😉


  5. Thanks for the post! I have my own passionate political views, and they inevitably shine through in my work as well. In fact, my post this month was about finding balance between the beliefs that do shine through and and the other elements that make an engaging story. And I have no problem with people disagreeing with my views. What I can't stand is all the anger and name-calling. I'm glad the election is over. I hope it all settles down. And I was worried about those hanging chads too! No one wants to go through all that again.


  6. L.G., the name calling is over the top. I think we have difficulty understanding the \”other\” side's views when we think we're right. I think things have already started to settle down today.


  7. I tried really hard not to get sucked into the FB Political nightmare but could not bite my tongue[or fingers] a couple of times and got into a couple of debates. I'm just glad its over but am astonished at the meanness that is still happening.I'm working on my first political post in a few years, now that its over. loldoreenmcgettigan.com


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