The Next Best Thing and Author Blog Bounce

To continue on with The Next Best Thing Challenge, today I’m answering the following question about my work-in-progress On Best Behavior:

Where did the idea come from for the book?

On Best Behavior is the third and final novel of my romantic suspense The Conduct Series, so most of the book follows the natural progression of my hero and heroine Grant and Sophie.

But I often find inspiration in movies, and Donnie Brasco (with Johnny Depp, yummy) sparked the idea for the plot. Grant goes undercover to immerse himself in Mafia life, risking not only his life, but that of Sophie and his nephew Ben as well. Eek! I love messing with my characters.

I’ve set a goal to finish this novel by December but my progress last weekend wasn’t great. My kind father came up for a visit to drive me for a steroid injection in my back, and we spent time watching football (yay for Denver beating the Steelers–love to see Payton Manning back in there) instead of writing. Now my back feels great but I’m a bit behind, and I have to work this Saturday too, waah!

Onto the Author Blog Bounce by Omnific Publishing–see instructions, here and enter a giveaway for my novel Streamline. Authors and readers, join us!

8 thoughts on “The Next Best Thing and Author Blog Bounce”

  1. Ooh, undercover eh? Don't feel bad about taking a weekend away from writing – sometimes these little breaks help us come back fresher (at least that's what I keep telling myself). It's good to hear that the shot did the trick. I started the Next Big Thing at my place today! Thanks for tagging me in it – it'll give me 10 weeks of knowing what I'm going to blog about. 😉


  2. Can't wait to read the story, my dear. And God, this webpage is gorgeous. I've been awol lately due to real life resembling a soap opera. It's great to catch up. Hope all is well. Much love,Sarah


  3. Poor Grant. You just don't give that guy a break! I can't wait to read it!Maybe the weekend off was the universe's way of telling you to let the story marinate. Sometimes that's when the best ideas pop up.


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