Insecure Writers Support Group: Who Supports You?

Are you watching the Olympics? I can’t get enough–staying up after midnight watching every swim, every floor routine. I find it especially emotional to watch the parents and the coaches react to their athletes’ performances.

It’s the athletes who work their butts off every day, and I take nothing from them. But this post is to celebrate their support team. Thanks, Mom!

Who first believed in you?

Who first told you “Your writing’s really great!”

Who said “Maybe you should get this published?!?”

Whoever that was, you know how important he or she is to your writing career.

Only writers know how grueling it is to finish a novel, but we also realize it’s even harder when we go it alone. Having loved ones, friends, and mentors to encourage us makes the path to publication a lot lighter.

I’m blessed to have many supporters on my team. Elementary school teachers who praised my fledgling creative writing efforts…college professors who challenged me to develop my unique voice…grad school advisors who crafted my professional writing…

And this crazy publishing venture all began with the encouragement of some online friends from around the world. Thank you Lorne, Amy, Janine, Cecile, and Marilyn!

So I ask…

Who supports you?

16 thoughts on “Insecure Writers Support Group: Who Supports You?”

  1. Excellent post! I know this sounds a bit sad, but my biggest support really comes from other writers. It's not that my family aren't supportive, but they don't realise how much work actually goes in to writing a book!


  2. Aw, what a wonderful post! I went the writing thing alone for a while as I felt guilty about the time it took away from other things and I knew I'd get the the opposite of support from el-spouso, so I didn't talk about it – at all. But opening up – first to my sister and next to my son – gave me such an amazing boost, and without the persistent encouragement from both of them, I'd probably still be in my writing closet.


  3. Kyra, I've had a similar experience…I feel much more supported by fellow writers and internet friends than I do by my family, when it comes to writing. I feel hurt that most of my family hasn't read my books. But they do support me in other ways. Maybe they got burned out on cheering me on in swimming!


  4. In junior high, I had an English teacher who encouraged me. Now I have my mom and my writing buddies urging me on. I'm very blessed to have so many supportive people.Great post! :)IWSG #179 (At least until Alex culls the list again. :P)


  5. When I was younger my mom said she loved my writing and that instilled the writing bug in me. I'm a little private with my writing so haven't shared with friends/family, but the online community has been the best!


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