Book Signing

Time to share some photos from my book signing May 11th at a wine shop in Columbus, Ohio.

Aunt Nancy sent these beautiful flowers for the event, brightening the table and my day.

My three books were up for sale, including newly released Young Adult Sports Romance STREAMLINE. Check out the fun Sexy Swimmer buttons featuring hero Leo Scott!

I was super excited my bff Gwynn made it, all the way from Virginia! Gwynn and I swam and played volleyball together in college, and she said Streamline gave her insight into my tough mental preparation for swim races.

According to Gwynn, “This is an AWESOME book! I stayed up entirely too late last night to finish this, and am now highly recommending it to you! Jen developed some fabulous characters that completely drew me in, and I could not put the book down until I found out what happened to them. It has drama, love, twists and turns…and for me it was neat because much of the plot was centered around swimming. It took me back to my days in the pool.”

Sally, Joan and I amidst wine and books.
Coworkers Joan and Jessica out on the patio! 
It was a wonderful event. Thanks so much to my friends and family for supporting me.
It’s time for the Author Author Blog Hop hosted by Omnific Publishing! Check out instructions HERE.

17 thoughts on “Book Signing”

  1. Alex, I hosted my first book signing at this wine shop and it's a blast. They have wine dispensers where you can try 1, 3, or 5 oz. of wine–a great place to sample different varieties.


  2. Looks like fun. 🙂 Damn, I've gotta get another book out so I have an excuse to throw a wine party! I hope you're having a great time on the giveaway hop. I'll go Tweet it right now.


  3. Nicki, when IS that next book coming out? 😉 If it will be a while, I advise you to go to your favorite wine shop and have another Three Daves party! Why wait? Thanks for the tweet, sweets!


  4. Hey Roland, I don't want to have a book signing anywhere else after visiting that wine shop for two signings already! I freaking love that place. You're right that having my best friend there made it an even better night.


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