Fayth Reclaimed Virtual Release Party

Congratulations to my pub sister Lisa Sanchez for the release of her sixth publication: Fayth Reclaimed!

Running through a strange forest with a bloodthirsty demon hot on her heels wasn’t Taylor’s idea of a rockin’ evening. Then again, neither was soaring backward through time and space. Time travel chafed and left a rank, nasty aftertaste. So, when she finds herself floundering amidst a sea of Commandment-loving holy rollers who fling accusations of witchcraft and bedevilment like hotcakes in a diner, finding her way home jumps to the top of her to do list. Too bad she can’t remember who she is or where she came from. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Taylor realizes she’s falling for Gabriel, the mysterious Latin warlock living on the edge of Salem Village, Gabriel Castillo.
Battling an identity crisis and lost in a time that’s not her own, Taylor is determined to find her way back to twenty-first century Hanaford Park. But first, she and Gabriel must work together to uncover the dark scourge lurking in the shadows of Salem Village, and in doing so, save their lives, and the lives of countless innocents from a lethal date with the hangman’s noose.
Sounds great! I’ve read the first two novels in the Hanaford Park series (see my review for Eve of Samhain HERE and Pleasures Untold HERE) and look forward to getting my hands on the third installment.
Find Faythe Reclaimed online:
In honor of Faythe’s launch, let’s talk about FAITH. 
When I think about faith, I think of big Faith and little faith. Big faith is our belief in God, a higher power, a purpose to life. Little faith is our daily conviction and optimism–trusting each other, hoping for a positive outcome.
As a college freshman reading Nietzsche and Marx, I had a crisis of Faith. Did God exist, or was He just the “opiate for the masses”? After much angst, I came to the conclusion that God is indeed real. How do I know? For me it’s the love I feel pouring into my heart and the goodness of people around me. It’s the amazing human body and the wise, spiritual knowing I experience from time to time.

My parents raised me as a Christian. I feel connected to God when I attend Methodist church services, but at this point it’s a mystery to me what form God takes. There is no “right” religion in my beliefs. All I know is that God is there for us to lead us through the pain of life.

What about “little” faith? Hope and trust in others and the world around us make life worth living. One favorite moment in the TV show Prison Break was when one brother told the other “Have a little faith.” Here’s a great song with that title:

I’m in awe of my psychotherapy clients when they put their faith in me and in the healing process. They come to therapy betrayed and broken, but they take the extraordinary risk to step outside their comfort zone, hoping things will get better. That’s faith.

What’s faith to you? How do you reclaim it?

8 thoughts on “Fayth Reclaimed Virtual Release Party”

  1. Sounds like an intriguing book! Little Faith like little steps are what gets you across the desert of your crises. At least for me.Faith that The Father isn't letting anything at you that He will not stand by your side and guide you through.You always have a thought-provoking post. Thanks, Roland


  2. Thanks for having me on your blog today, bb! Great post!Love what you said about \”little faith.\” When we lose that in others, life seems so much rougher around the edges.And as for \”big faith\”, all I can say is: I don't know what I'd do without God to lean on. He's a constant source of comfort to me.Thanks, Jenn!


  3. Lovely Post, Jen.I personally don't have the big Faith. With everything I've been through and what's ahead, I find it impossible to believe in a higher power. However, I do have the little faith. I try to hope for the best and see the good in people where I can. Just today, I received some really bad news and was wondering what hope was there for humanity. Then a stranger, out of the blue, did something nice for me. It reminded me some people do think before they act and they do listen.


  4. Roland, I'm sure Mrs. Sanchez will offer up intrigue and sexy in this book!Life definitely does throw us a \”desert of crises\” and having a little faith gets us through.


  5. Carol, it's rough that you've endured such pain that you don't believe in God, but I know many individuals who feel the same way. I'm very glad a kind act helped you bounce back from painful news today. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Great post. Faith is powerful. I have faith in myself. No matter what life throws at me, I know I have the strength and wisdom to see it through. And, I know the same is true for everyone. I have faith in a higher power. My vision of that higher power has changed from the traditional religious ideas. Faith is another word for 'love', I think.


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