S is for Streamline

I’m getting my post up a bit late today, plagued by a bad cold that has stolen my voice. It was interesting doing psychotherapy yesterday with my lame squeaky rasps! Hopefully I did some excellent listening.

Streamline is my third release, though it was the first novel I wrote. It involves competitive swimming–a sport dear to me. I started swimming year-round at age eight and continued through college. I still swim a couple of miles twice a week with friends.

How do you streamline in the pool? Align your body after the dive or push-off to “spear” through the water with minimal resistance. Here’s a beautiful streamline:

(And a beautiful body!) How do YOU streamline when you meet up with resistance in your life?

This young adult murder mystery just launched 3-27-12, and I’m looking forward to the Streamline blog tour May 7-12, hosted by Julie from A Tale of Many Reviews. Julie’s signed up about 40 Young Adult bloggers and we’ll offer a $25 gift card as the grand prize.

Early readers have told me Streamline is a page-turner, as evidenced by comments from two Goodreads readers this morning:

Hallie wrote:  On page 103. “This is not my cup of tea. Can’t remember why I got it, either. But stayed up too late last night reading it anyway, so draw your own conclusions…”

Victoria wrote: On page 103. “Swimming and navy. Two plot combinations I know a lot about. Can’t put it down.”

Ha ha ha! I love the varied reactions to the same novel. Swimming and the US Navy may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I hope the story will captivate readers.

See you Monday when I plan to post about Titanic, my favorite movie. 

9 thoughts on “S is for Streamline”

  1. LOL reviews like that make me laugh. \”I don't really like it, but I can't stop reading\” – if they're still reading it, they are still enjoying it! I will be reading Streamline as soon as possible!


  2. I wish you the best with the book and the tour — only the highest sales!I liked TITANIC so much that I wrote my own fantasy \”Titanic\” historical, RITES OF PASSAGE!I hope you feel better very soon, Roland


  3. Alex, and I'm glad I get a week off before the blog tour starts. This blogging every day thing takes a lot of energy (and I'm not visiting as many blogs as you are).Roland, thank you! I read the blurb for Rites of Passage and I'm curious how the story relates to the Titanic. It's rather interesting to go through life without talking, after I've lost my voice. The Target cashier told me to eat lemon drops and honey roasted peanuts to get my voice back, LOL.


  4. J.C., life certainly does throw a lot of resistance our way. I'm a big fan of the noble truth: \”Life is painful and difficult by its very nature; not because we're doing it wrong.\”Nicki, yeah that was a great compliment! 😉


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