G is for Goodreads

Have you heard of the social networking site Goodreads.com? It’s like a Facebook for book lovers. As an author and reader, I love the site. Here’s my page.

Authors can list their works and interact with readers. It’s a bit dicey to respond to readers’ reviews, but I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to thank readers for their comments, and I’ve also liked to receive feedback that helps me improve as an author. I’ve learned not to respond to negative reviews (that’s an entirely different blog post!)

Readers can shelve books that they’ve read and want to read. My parents are in their seventies and sometimes start reading novels only to discover they’d already read them but forgotten. Goodreads is a great way to keep track of the books you’ve finished, and an excellent opportunity to hear about interesting books.

I’m so pleased I’ve learned about these novels on Goodreads from my over 2,000 friends there:

*The I-Team series by Pamela Clare…intelligent romantic suspense
*The Black Ops, Inc series by Cindy Gerard…hot & spicy romantic suspense
*The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward…I’m not a huge fan of paranormal romance but I gave this a try when Goodreads friends urged me

Library Thing and Shelfari are other reader sites, but I feel most at home on Goodreads.

Do you use Goodreads? How do you like the site?

15 thoughts on “G is for Goodreads”

  1. I use Goodreads. Until I found it last year I had no idea how many books I read or when. It is a good way to keep track of what I read and what I want to read.I also like that book descriptions are so readily available. I can check to see what a book is about and see what others have said about at the same time.All in all I think Goodreads is a very convenient site.


  2. I love Goodreads! I like that I can keep track of what I have read and what I want to read. When someone tells me about a good book, I try to find it and mark it to-read before I forget. I also like the reading challenge widget that tells me how many books I have read this year. Giveaways, quotes, lists. I spend a lot of time on Goodreads. 🙂


  3. Thanks for stopping by, Wanda. Shelfari is through Amazon, correct? What do you like about Shelfari compared to Goodreads? I do like their bookshelf gadgets for my blog.


  4. I've been using Goodreads for a couple of months, since my novella was published. I have a very small presence there – I'm not good at starting new things. My blog took ages to build up – but it became easier with the blogfests I took part in. Goodreads is harder!


  5. Hi Annalisa, I've been on GR for almost two years and it does take time to build up a presence there, but I think it's well worth it. Sometimes I host giveaways on my blog and one of the ways to enter is to add my novels to goodreads TBR shelves.


  6. thanks for visiting my site…i am tUcKeR, the puppy…i heard daddy say he was gonna goed over to the good reads thingy after i am done doing my 'puter stuff…it is good to be the blogdog…lickity licks! and wiggly jiggily tail wags…tUcKeR


  7. Thanks for visiting, Sharkbytes! (thanks for the GR friendship too).Hi tUcKeR. It's nice to see you, handsome dog! *wipes off lick mark on my cheek* I think your daddy will enjoy the goodreads place.


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