C is for Coincidence

Sometimes the world seems like a small place. A VERY small place.

The world felt itty-bitty this weekend when I met book blogger Dani from Refracted Light Reviews at Panera for lunch. Her YA blog was a co-host for the Launch Party of my novel Streamline last week, and when I discovered she also lived in Columbus, Ohio, we agreed to meet in person.

Imagine my surprise when I found out where Dani lives…in a city of 2 million people, she lives 100 yards away from me! We had a good laugh about living in the same condo complex for three years and never knowing it.

It was wonderful to meet Dani, and we also joined kickass book blogger Jenny from Supernatural Snark blog (who I’d met once before) for lunch.

Aren’t both of these gals adorable? I’ve met some of the nicest people through blogging.

What coincidences have you experienced through blogging?

Stay tuned for my “D is for Downing” post tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

19 thoughts on “C is for Coincidence”

  1. That's so mad! I'd love to find out I lived close by a few of my blogging friends – but I think most of them live in the U.S.A. which makes it a bit more tricky to pop round for a cuppa!


  2. Laura, that coincidence made me very happy! Thanks for the follow.Linda, too bad there aren't more bloggers near you in the U.K.–you sound like a lovely person with whom to share a cuppa.Mimi, keep at it and I bet you will. It's great to meet cyber friends in real life.Sarah, me too! And I'll go check out your C post now.


  3. That's unbelievable. So cool! I haven't had any coincidences like that but I so agree that we meet some of the nicest people through blogging. I never dreamed I'd be part of such a great community when I started this.


  4. Hello, Fellow Challenger. I'm #424 from Rockin' Chair Reflections. Isn't it fun when that happens! I found my neighbor was following my blog, too, and didn't know it 'till she commented on something I had written. Small world.


  5. Elizabeth, that's awesome. Your hubs REALLY likes you. ;)Julie, bloggers can be very kind and friendly *points above*Sharlene, when something like that happens to me I get a little weirded out. Sometimes it feels like the internet is much more private than it is.


  6. That was craziness, Columbus has never felt so small:) I had a blast with you guys on Saturday and I look forward to many more such lunches!


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