Blogging from A to Z Begins!

This is my first year participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge!

This challenge is an opportunity to hone my blogging skills and meet awesome bloggers by posting once a day through the month of April, following the letters of the alphabet.

Today’s letter is A. I tip my hat to book bloggers by highlighting Tee’s blog “A Diary of a Book Addict”. Tee helped launch my first YA novel Streamline a few days ago by interviewing the hero and heroine, Leo and Audrey HERE. Thank you, A Diary of a Book Addict!

It’s really fun to meet bloggers of all kinds, and on 4/3/12 I’ll discuss a wacko coincidence I discovered when I met a book blogger Dani at Panera yesterday.

12 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z Begins!”

  1. Hi jennifer!Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm so glad to have met you through the A-Z. I took up Psychology in college and I've always wanted to get a PhD in clinical psych but finances and time just won't allow it. Besides, I find myself falling more and more in love with creative writing! My psychology posts will be on archetypes–which are also about writing as well. :)looking forward to seeing more of your posts!Nutschellwww.thewritingnut.com


  2. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for visiting my blog today, when you are new to blogging it's so exciting to get comments!Looking forward to hearing about your co-incidence.Good luck with Streamline.Ebby


  3. Hi Jennifer! I'm glad you are doing the Challenge this year, it is such fun. Looking forward to your posts! And, I'm glad to learn about Tees' blog, going to check that out too.


  4. Nutschell–earning a Ph.D. in Clinical or Counseling Psychology is a huge undertaking and I don't know how my classmates with kids managed it (and that was before the recession). I think there are plentiful similarities between therapy and writing though, so it sounds like you're getting your fix.Ebby, thanks for the well wishes! I'm going to do a cover reveal for my friend Trisha Wolfe for \”B\” but I'll be back to discuss coincidences for \”C\”.Christine, thank you. I enjoyed your post as well.Roland, your creepy New Orleans characters are going to keep me up at night, I can tell already.


  5. Jackie, they are a great band. I'm not a huge fan of tattoos but I do admit Adam Levine is a hottie!Hey Julie, Cincinnati buddy. Got any of that lovely ice cream for me?Karen! I haven't talked to you in some time. Hope you are well. Happy writing!


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