On Best Behavior Update and Blog Hop

Book Three of The Conduct Series (On Best Behavior) is coming along nicely. I grabbed my laptop and accompanied my swimming friend Beth to Starbucks yesterday, and she made fun of all the expressive faces I make while I write. Embarrassing! Do other authors do that too? I’m trying to get inside the characters’ heads to feel their emotion, and I guess my face says it all.

To give you a little teaser I went to wurdle.net and entered the text of the manuscript to produce this beautiful word salad. Wurdle is a really cool site allowing you to see the most prevalent words you use as an author.

Obviously the romantic leads–Grant and Sophie–are my most used words. Being in love, their EYES are often ogling each other, touching hands or getting to “know” each other better.

If you look closely you’ll see the return of several secondary characters (Ben, Kirsten, Anthony “Tank”, Roger, and Lucas). On Best Behavior will also introduce some new characters like Andrick, Vladimir, and Ricker. Any guesses where these men were born, given their names?

It’s always exciting when I learn something new on the computer, and wurdle taught me how to “select all” on my word document then use the “screen capture” function and the “Paint” program. Kewl!

Now it’s time for Meet an Author Monday Blog Hop. Bop on over to Lisa Sanchez’s BLOG for instructions, and please join us!

4 thoughts on “On Best Behavior Update and Blog Hop”

  1. That's so cool! I've only used that program once, and it was interesting to see how many goofy words I over used. And I do make faces when I'm writing! And play with my hair. And eat candy. And…


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