Jumping in the Fray to YA

I’m excited to report Omnific Publishing has accepted my Young Adult novel, currently titled Against the Tide. YA is hot right now, and I hope to attract some new readers via this genre. The story is a military murder mystery combining my loves of swimming, dysfunctional families, redemption, and healing.

Writing YA is a bit different from writing adult novels. Please visit Megan’s blog Reading Away the Days where I discuss those differences. We’re giving away an e-book from The Conduct Series!

5 thoughts on “Jumping in the Fray to YA”

  1. Yay for the brain. Good thing I decided to let you have it for the most part since you are doing all this writing! I have heard about this story for sometime now, looking forward to reading the 'official' version!


  2. The brain has another publication coming out, yay! I think you'll be recognizing parts of the story from our college days. Although I didn't include Mr. Strawberry Man *runs off to edit* 😀


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