Book Club

Are you in a book club? If so, you’re lucky! I love my book club, which I’ll be hosting on Thursday. (Check out the “Book Club” tab above on my website for a photo of my lovely friends holding my novel With Good Behavior!)

We’ll discuss Jeannette Walls’ Half Broke Horses. See my review HERE.

I’ll serve Blueberry Hill Cupcakes (I hope). Check out the recipe. My friend Eric made these for July 4th and they were YUM.

The hostess chooses the book for the following month, and I need your help to decide. Here are some options I’ve been considering:

1. Divergent by Victoria Roth. I selected The Hunger Games for book club in November and everyone loved it. My review of Divergent wasn’t quite as glowing but I still enjoyed it. The problem is there’s a long waiting list for this book at the library, and we only have a month to read the book (most of the members are busy working mothers).

2. Summer Lovin’ Summer Breeze Anthology. This short story anthology benefits the breast cancer research organization Save the Ta-tas, and my book club is always out for helping women’s organizations. However, it seems a bit self-serving to choose a book for which I contributed a short story. I really enjoyed the opportunity to read a variety of authors–here’s my review.

3. Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard. I loved this romantic suspense novel (which I reviewed here) and it would be a nice light read to end the summer. This was published in 2003 so it would be easy to get.

4. Little Bee by Chris Cleave. I’ve started this book and it seems good but possibly really sad. Any opinions of this one? I prefer to preview books before selecting them.

What is your opinion? Any other books you adored that you’d recommend?

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9 thoughts on “Book Club”

  1. hmm… I think we all know women who choose men because they feel 'sorry' for them; think that they can 'help' them or change them… Never a good idea!!


  2. Your book club sounds fun. Can I join? I was in one for awhile but this summer has been too crazy so I dropped out, at least for awhile. There's one in my neighborhood who read The Help, and this week they're going to see the movie. I guess you could do that with Water for Elephants, too. Neither of those books I read but I loved the film Water for Elephants. Haven't seen The Help yet.


  3. Hi Karen! It'd be great to have you in da club but we haven't mastered Skype technology yet. 😉 We've actually read both of those books–both excellent–and some of us watched the movies together. I liked The Help movie better than the Water for Elephants movie.


  4. I think it's gotta be Mr. Perfect! Light sounds like an excellent idea for this transitional time of year, and hey, you loved it, so what's to lose? I was briefly in a book club, but it turns out I don't like other people telling me what to read. (I may or may not have control issues…) The best times I've ever had reading a book were when a friend was reading it at the same time and we'd talk at various points throughout, so maybe at some point I'll give it another shot.


  5. Nicki, I'm a control FREAK but I've enjoyed the opportunity to read books I wouldn't have otherwise. If I don't like a book, I just don't finish it, and it's no big deal. We have some months where none of us has time to read the selection. I think Mr. Perfect is a great choice! Thanks for stopping by.


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