Will You Marry Me?

What’s the most unique or romantic marriage proposal you’ve ever heard?

As a romance author, I strive to find creative ways for my romantic leads to pop the question. An engagement is an important part of the plot and the relationship, and I want to make it special.

I just finished reading the fun and sexy romantic suspense novel Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard. The more Jaine and Sam insult each other, the more they fall in love. It makes sense that Sam’s proposal isn’t sweet and gooey.

Sam: “I love you Jaine Bright. Will you marry me?”

Jaine: “No way in hell!”

After more insults Jaine remembers she’s had three failed engagements.

Jaine: “I don’t do really well with engagements. Gives the guy too much time to think.”

Sam: “I’m skipping the engagement part. We’re not getting engaged; we’ll just get married.”

Jaine: “In that case, yes I’ll marry you.”

Ha ha! I love a proposal that fits the characters’ personalities.

And then there’s the great scene in Pretty Woman when Edward Lewis, scared of heights, climbs up the fire escape to propose to prostitute-with-a-heart-of-gold Vivian:

Edward Lewis: So what happens after he climbs up and rescues her?
Vivian: She rescues him right back.

*sighs* There’s a point in The Conduct Series when Grant comes up with a VERY unique location to propose to Sophie. No spoilers!

What’s your favorite real or fictional proposal?

Is it Monday again? Waah! Time for the Meet an Author Monday to cheer me up, hosted by Lisa Sanchez:

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7 thoughts on “Will You Marry Me?”

  1. My fav proposaa is the one dh gave to me at midnight on the beach outside of Atlantic City. It was so sweet. He was so nervous when he went down on his knee in the sand and proposed. I have no idea why. We were living together for 3 years. Did he think I would say no? LOL


  2. Just watched THE PROPOSAL a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it immensely. While the story was a bit predictable there was definite chemistry between the characters. And I think that's the way in books too. There has to be chemistry between characters and you can do that through good dialogue–dialogue that feels believable and real. And if it can make you laugh? All the better.


  3. Liz, I felt some intense chemistry between the romantic leads of Mr. Perfect, and I think it was there in The Proposal as well. I love dialogue that makes me laugh! I enjoy potty-mouth characters and Jaine in Mr. Perfect had to pay a quarter to her friends each time she used a swear word. She was pretty much broke by the end of the book. 😉


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