Summer Lovin’

Yesterday it topped 90 degrees in Ohio . . . summer’s just around the corner, yeah! What a better time for love and for the Summer Lovin’ Anthology from Omnific Publishing!

On July 1st Omnific will release two anthologies that will benefit the breast cancer charity Save the Ta-tas. One anthology will be sweet Young Adult romance, and one will be steamy Adult heat. I’m rather prudish at heart (though you might not know that from The Conduct Series) so I chose to write a YA romance about college swimmers — my peeps.

Titled The Swim Recruit, my story explores a blossoming romance amidst the fallout of homophobic bullying on a swim team. How do you do the right thing when your world’s falling apart around you?

This was my first short story and my first try at first person point of view, and it was so fun! The anthology also presented a chance to team up with fellow Omnific authors, always an inspiring group.

Authors! Under contract or have a book out? Readers! Want to meet new authors? Please join us for the Meet an Author Monday Blog Hop, hosted by Uber-Gleek Lisa Sanchez.

13 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’”

  1. Can't wait to read it!Is the romance between a guy and a girl; guys; or girls? (or is there more than one romance? ..hmm.. but it's a short story..)


  2. Janine, I like your question but I don't want to give too much away. I will say that the main character is a high school senior swimmer, Abby, and she's on a recruiting trip to a university where she meets a male freshman swimmer, Reese. Beyond that I'll make you wait! 🙂


  3. Nicki, I'll try not to overwhelm you with swimming jargon. 😉 I do have a passion for the sport!Kelsey, thanks! It will be a good chance to sample lots of different authors.


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