Mark of the Stars

It’s raining buckets and I just found out I have a sinus infection, ugh. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick those germs to the curb. One bright spot in my day is that I had the pleasure of Jessica Subject interviewing me on her blog Mark of the Stars today.

She’s giving away two ebook sets of The Conduct Series: With Good Behavior and Bad Behavior.

Skedaddle over there and leave a comment, and you have a good chance of winning! Those of you curious about Bad Behavior can also read an excerpt from the book–a scene between Grant and Roger.

I hope to be back soon with the video trailer for Bad Behavior, which was released yesterday.

4 thoughts on “Mark of the Stars”

  1. Hey Julie, you might've missed that giveaway but there's still the Goodreads one going on if you haven't entered *points right*. I bought a used Nook and I've been very happy with it. Makes buying my book club books so much easier!


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