Lookin’ for Love Webhunt

Dear readers,

Omnific Publishing has some fun events going on to celebrate Valentine’s Day and their one year anniversary.

The Lookin’ for Love Web Hunt is going on until February 14th. Visit the author sites listed, find the secret message on a heart hidden somewhere on their sites, and enter to win the entire collection of Omnific e-books!

Astute reader Squally informed me my heart message was difficult to find due to some pictures on my site not loading, so I’ve moved it to another page on this site and hopefully it will be easier to find. If you can’t find it, email me by clicking on the “M” at the right of the page and I’ll give you a hint! The message is something Grant and Sophie would say to each other in Bad Behavior, the sequel to With Good Behavior which will be released in March 2011.

Omnific Publishing is having an Anniversary Sale. Buy one print book, get one free!

I’ll also be participating in a Follower Love Giveaway Hop February 8-13 so check back here for a chance to win books.

We’re having an icestorm in Ohio and I’m enjoying the day off work to catch up on social networking, writing, and editing. Hope your day is relaxing and fun.

9 thoughts on “Lookin’ for Love Webhunt”

  1. Hannah, hard to believe Omnific's only been around one year. The publisher has made such a difference in my life!Julie, yay for Valentine's Day! The ice storm is pretty much over and I'm glad I wasn't visiting my sisters in Chicago this week–they seemed to have gotten the worst of it. Thanks for visiting, ladies!


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